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Recent posts by Saket Barve

Hello Ranch Office,

I won a copy of Pivotal Certified Professional Core Spring 5 Developer Exam book in our Spring Forum (yay!)  and sent out an email as instructed in my Purple Moosage and also in the forum winner declaration thread:

It's been three days and I haven't received confirmation email so just touching base to see if there is there anything else I need to do from my end.

5 days ago

It is using the comparator implemented by String's class doing lexicographical comparison whose behavior is not changing.  

Instead of relying on the internal iterator extract the PQ's elements like so:

6 days ago
Hi Iuliana,

Can you please  elaborate on possible supporting material to compliment the book like source code on GitHub, flash cards or mock tests on publisher website?

Especially material that that one uses as a refernece point a couple of days before the exam.


iuliana cosmina wrote:
Is this enough of a success story?  

Indeed. And an inspiration!
I feel there is definitely benefit to accrue indirectly, if not directly.

One learns aspects of the language (or framework as in this case) not very commonly used, which help lead to possibly more elegant but certainly distinct solutions that have better chance to stand out. Then of course one would hone their existing skills by studying and brushing up on material already in use so from pure knowledge perspective it's a win-win.

Oh, recruiters pulling up the resume may be a bonus, if at all!
Welcome to the forum,  Iuliana.

For an advanced hands-on programmer, do you see a value add in doing Spring 5 certification? There are nuances which can be fine-tuned and knowledge enhanced upon but apart from that, do you have any other insight?

For the ones who plan on giving the certification (out of interest, professional growth or simply to dig deeper) what study approach would you recommend in addition to using your book so as to come out with maximum wealth of knowledge.

Thank you,
Thank you John, for the clarification and detailed response .

For me, this translates into leveraging PCF (which is where we, as an org, are headed for now).
2 years ago

Hi John,

Welcome to the forum, and best wishes with the Spring Microservices in Action book.

In going through GitHub source code it does look Docker is mandated. Now how much of a learning is curve is that, and is there cheat sheet to that effect in the appendix  section? For a typical work laptop how much of a drag it is to install and run this locally (in addition of the bunch of other mandatory running services, not to mention the bunch of libraries that we'd need to keep going - Eureka, Zuul, and so on)?

Alternately, are the exercises meant to be practiced and run exclusively in a dev or remote box?

2 years ago
Variable input is not initialized and your main method is using variable scan
6 years ago
Charles, depends on what you are seeking to build. There was a good answer provided here: which details the difference between Action Framework and Component Framework. Is your question purely from learning point of view?
Thank you James, for the detailed response.

Warm welcome to James Peterson on JavaRanch!

I have a couple of quick questions for James pertaining to SeifStudy Kit and the Simulator:

1. Priced at $75 and $50 respectively, isn't it rather steep for certification where abundant and reliable material is already available (HFJS, Charles Lyons, Pitor's tests to name a few off the bat). What benefits do the the separate costs for each package offer?
2. Both are essentially question banks so if one has to make one choice how would go about doing so?

BTW, used WhizLabs for my SCJP and had found it very useful then.

It looks like the connection is getting closed out before or during your request. Can you share your source code to help debug?
7 years ago