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Recent posts by Gayatri Deshpande

Hi!I just cleared my SCJP exam and have decide to give the developers exam.
Even I would like to know, how are we supposed to go about giving the exam.My background is very similar to "imonthenet".
Any tips would be really appreciated.
I cleared the SCJP yesterday with a score of 77%.I am pretty much happy with it, cause I didn't know the A..B..C of Object Oriented Programming till about 2 months back.
I studied hard for the past couple of months and decided to go for it yesterday.So now I really feel satisfied.
Now for the meaty part:
1)Exam is tough - but only for certain topics like Threads:
I got 12 Questions on Threads ranging from true /false to 20 lines of code testing wait/notify/synchronized and non synchronized threads.I was referring to Khalid's book which is not at all sufficient for Threads.Get a Thread specific Book and get all your concepts cleared and write loads of code.
2)There were some really tricky questions in Flow control and exception Handling.Know all your loops really well.
Rest of the exam was easy.
I had about 20 minutes to review my answers.
Thanks to all the javaranch people and best of luck to all the future aspirants.I'm off to the Developer Certfication group now.
Its still not working.Does it have anything to do with where my Jdk1.2 is located?Anyways, do send me the file at
Has anyone tried the above mock exam?I can't get it started.I have a Window OS and would really appreciate it,if someone could give me detail instructions on how to run the above exam.
Where can I find mock exams which are similar to the new version of the certification exam?
Also,I want to give as many mock exams as possible,so can somebody tell me, where I can get them?
Would really appreciate that.I'm appearing for my exam on 1st Nov.

Thanks in advance,
Aparanji,you're right.
As i is a static variable,its value changes as you traverse through the For loop which is executed first.Then the run method is executed for all the three threads created.
And hence you see 3 three times.
Hope this helps.
Thanks,Bill and Anna.
I got the concept now.
What should be the output of the foll piece of code?
public class test
public static void main(String args[])
StringBuffer a = new StringBuffer("Hello");
StringBuffer b = new StringBuffer("Hello");
testtestObj = new test();

public void convert(StringBuffer x,StringBuffer y)
y = x;
a)Hello ,Hello
b)Hello there,Hello there
c)Hello there,Hello
d)Compiler Error
Me thinks it should be b,but when I executed the code,it displayed c.
Any idea why???
I am definitely interested in the second edition of JLS.
Can you send me the link?
Hello Everybody,
I'm taking the certification exam in a couple of weeks time and I wanted to know how important it is ,to read JLS?Will it be worthwhile to read it NOW and if so where can I get it?