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Dear All,
I am in search of a Java related Voluntary Job to help improve my java skills. At the moment, i have the foundational certification and work with J2SE (swings). I am looking to progress into J2EE but i really need a java hands on jobs. I love programming in Java and i have some projects developed with java.
I work with a company in Heathrow who employed me based on my Java knowledge because they want to migrate to Java system but the idea has been thrown into the bin.
I work around heathrow and i am avaliable for any discussion on this issue.

Many thanks,
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11 years ago
I have a project on my hands and that is to programme 3 PDAs to run the same "ordering software", and they should be able to connect to the server to check price list if any changes and to pass the information to the server so that the database will be updated. the PDAs will also connect with 3 other computers (clients) to inform the staffs of any recent order.
I picked up this project because i have the desire to learn J2ME, and wireless programming but i have the following questions:
1) which PDA type or spec should be situable
2) which recommedend book(s) should i use with PDA programming? i already have Wireless Java Programming with Java 2 Micro Edition (2001)(Sams White Book). but i just dont know how up-to-date the book is.
3) 3 PDAs(picking orders), 2computers (checking the progress of orders), 1 server (for the backup of all "orders", and setup of price list for the software), all running diferent sections of software, and connecting to one another wirelessly, does that make scene?


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13 years ago
Thanks Marc for that idea. i noticed there were no examples in my tomcat/Netbeans bundle. i simply downloaded tomcat 6, and disable the tomcat that was bundled with the netbeans and my code worked perfectly well.
Now i can move on.
Thanks once again.
My first servlet program on page 30/31 of HFSJ won't load. I have done checked the code and it kept giving me HTTP 404-page.
I noticed that i am using a tomcat that is bundled with my netbeans. could tis be the problem? the tomcat server is running but it wont load the very first example, and i want to sort this out before i move on.
Do i need to uninstall netbeans or just install tomcat alone?
Finally, i noticed my tomcat home is set to "CATALINA_HOME", and HFSJ request a TOMCAT_HOME. could this be a problem?
hello guys,
thanks so very much. I have check up the Dynamic Attributes.
Any other issue in the course of my study will be made known.
Hello there,
Pls i need a help or an advice.
The issue is i have had series of interview and it all bore down to lack of industrial experience in java. i also lost a job today, and i have another java test tomorrow. the truth is i have gained my degrees and i am sun certifified (SCJP), preparing to write SCWCD in the middle of the year or so. i personally know that i need to have a feel of industrial java and i have not being able to get this. i have searched as well for voluntary software developer but all to no positive result.
Pls i need help. i am not even looking for any pay at the moment if it comes to that, i just need to get the experience.
Pls i need help
13 years ago
Thanks guys,
i appreciate your response. i have gone ahead to place an order for HFSJ book.
I also realized from the forum that some topics are not covered in the book. pls can i have a list of the topics? Although i will cross check the HFSJ with the SCWCD spec when it arrives.
Can anyone kindly help with how to get materials for the uncovered topics in HFSJ?
Seems like the HFSJ book has a good review. I am planning to write the SCWCD exam. I know little about JSP and servlet. Should i go ahead and pick up the book or is there any othe alternative?
Secondly, is there any preparation time frame i need to give myself to finish the book?
Pls can someone tell me the book i will need for the new SCBCD exam (CX 310-091). I am new to J2EE and i just want to get involve in J2EE certification. I was still considering the SCWCD 1.4 or the SCBCD 1.3 edition before i realized the new SCBCD exams, and i just want to go for the new exam.
Pls how can i go about getting training kit for this exam. i have search the internet but no positive results. i dont want to risk using the SCBCD 1.3 training kits for SCBCD 5 exams.
Thanks in advance.

i have a project am currently working on and i have a code such as this:
JTextArea a = new JTextArea();
. . .
. . .
. . .
a.setText(null); // to reset the JTextArea

at the output, i realised the Caret is not set, i have to click the JTextArea b4 it is set.
please what should i do?
14 years ago
I have two issues am tackling with:
1)Am using Tomcat 5.5.9 (as my Server) with Oracle 10g (which carries my) database, but each time i try to connect to my Tomcat via http://localhost:8080 , it brings out a windon or dialog box with username and password asking me to connect to localhost XDB, which is a default database from Oracle, pls what should i do?
2) How do i export or add my Oracle Database with my JSP codes when creating the Web Archive (WAR).
15 years ago
Thanks,i seem to be okay now.
15 years ago
i have two challenges:
1) after installing oracle 10g, i do not have the "Oracle Enterprise Manger".
2) i have being working with a database since last week and suddenly today while trying to open the database through SQL*PLUS, i got this error:
ORA-12514: TNS:listener does not currently know of service request in connect descriptor
please, what's wrong?
15 years ago
Now am more confused, i did all you said and it still gave the same error and suddenly, it stops given the error.
Now i really dont know what solved the problem.
pls someone explain to me!
15 years ago
Hello friends,
i have done all these, yet i still have the same error
15 years ago