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Arvind Varma

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Recent posts by Arvind Varma

I'm trying to access the sample YAHOO portlets available in the WLsample portal application and everytime i get the following error on the console

com.bea.myee.core.CoreException: MYEE Deployment Number not configured
at com.bea.myee.portal.YahooUtil.getDeploymentConfigFromUserProfile(Yaho
at com.bea.myee.portal.YahooUtil.getDeploymentConfig(

at com.bea.myee.portal.YahooSession.getDeploymentConfig(YahooSession.jav
at com.bea.myee.portal.YahooSession.refreshContent(
at com.bea.myee.portal.YahooSession.getContent(

Also, in the browser I see a message " COntent not available. Contact your Sys Admin". Can anyone please provide more info about any configurations that need to be done before using the YAHOO portlets???
14 years ago
Is it possible to source a property file in unix environment using ant?
using the following:
<exec executable=". ${appRunTimeDir}/">

throws Execute failed:
15 years ago
In Weblogic APP Server, every domain is an independent application. But all the domains still run in the same JVM. Please do explain if i am wrong
16 years ago
Hi All,
can anyone help me how to interface websphere with SAP. It would be great if you suggest any resource links about this.
Thank you
16 years ago
What is the difference between a Catalog and Schema in Oracle? Can anyone suggest some sites to familiarize with basic concepts abt Oracle DB.
16 years ago
Initlally I thought both of them are invalid beacuse both are assignment... but the cram book says 'b' is correct....i figured out that assignemnt in second case returns a boolean and hence valid. But i still think both are correct if i'm wrong.
The compiler objects or suggests to casting when the operands variables involve primitive types. In other cases it assumes that the programmer is aware of what he is doing. Therefore, the code in question, will pass the compiler but will throw a reuntime exception (ClassCastException) since Superclass does not implement Printable.

Casting a class 'C' to an interface 'I' is legal only when class 'C' or any of its superclasses implement 'I'.
yes!! you are right Meng..there is one C and one A to be GC'ed. They should be done in the sequence (First C followed by A) because class C will have a reference to C. SO C cannot be GC'ed until that reference is removed.
i think they are eligible for GC and first C need to be GC'ed before A.
can anyone give link where i can find good information about the shifting, bitwise operations, decimal/hexadecimal/octal/binary representations of numbers and their conversions?
this means that the post increment never takes place...hmmm seems strange..thanks for the info
i don't think there's any other value other than null....but why is it that always "My String" is printed though Object comes first in hierarchy than the String object??
when i = 4 , testMethod1 returns 5 and testMethod2 returns 4. What is the difference between the two?
when serialization occurs the state of the object and its super classes is stored. here 'stored' refers to the conversion of the object into stream of there anything else i am missing?
Does the cookbook talk only about the ingredients of the recipe or does it include how the ingredients be mixed and the apt quatities??
if i was not clear, i am trying check if the book talks about any performance tuning issues