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Recent posts by Simon Verhoeven

I was wondering if the book also dives a bit into when it's a (not) so good fit.
When one might consider staying with a standalone UI/wicket/Vaadin Hilla.
3 months ago
I was wondering how much of the focus was on how to do X (at times the documentation can be, let's say interesting) versus pitfalls you've encountered/recommendations.
I was wondering whether this book/chapter also shed some light on k3/istio/helm/nomad/...
11 months ago
That's indeed always the question, and thank you for the swift reply.
Linking to things on the horizon/teasers indeed sounds like a good approach.
I was wondering if this book already covers certain new possibilities for FP using the functionality currently in preview mode.
Sorry, I might have worded it poorly. I meant it more in the sense of: aspects that were originally expected to stay a bit longer in incubation/preview due to feedback that still end up in the LTS version (since like Vasily mentioned only LTS get exams, on that front ) since some features are quite extensive scope wise, and it's quite a weighty book already literally and figuratively. Also with the shift from 3 => 2 years for LTS.

When do you generally actually start on the preparation for the next LTS exam guide, given I can imagine it's quite an extensive process given the scope of the material.
I was actually a bit curious about the writing process for an author for one of these, since I can imagine the swifter release cycle (especially now) poses quite some opportunities/challenges. So I was wondering how you dealt with these, especially with (preview) features that get added relatively late in the cycle.
I know it's a tad of an odd question given the title of the book, but which other languages do you like to use to experiment with certain patterns?
I was wondering how deep this book goes into the technical follow-up/testing of experimentation (resource consumption, event monitoring, ...), or is it more focused on retention rate/hot spots/user feedback cycles.
1 year ago
I saw section 12.2 covers n+1 problems for example. I was wondering if any frameworks like Hypersistence or other troubleshooting methods were covered?
1 year ago
I was just wondering how much impact you expect fibers to have. (personally I have high hopes/anticipations)
1 year ago
I loved and I was wondering if there was a chance of seeing an expanded workflow on it, and how easy the described flow is for any applicable errata.
1 year ago
I was wondering how both of you felt about Fleet, and what kind of cross-pollination between the two you'd like to see.
1 year ago