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I am a professional software engineer. I can design, code, test and document software for a number of platforms. I have worked in a variety of application areas. However, my specialist skills lie in the domains software for Health care, Banking and Financial.

I started software development in C and C++. I've been in software development for quite a while, but in the last ten years my experience is in Java/J2EE, Spring and other open sources with agile teams. I have produced systems for several environments, Dos, Linux and Windows.

I have worked on many developments on all stages of the development life-cycle, from analysis through design, programming and testing to installation. Worked on one man projects and projects with 5 to 25 people. Performed many roles, usually Object-oriented software design or programming but also project leader, team leader, support and testing.

I have a good academic record and 14 years
Java/J2EE, Spring, Spring Integration, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Oracle, Struts, C & C++.

Enterprise Java development; multi-tier web and middle ware applications, information services and health care.

Agile methodologies, Lean product development and Scrum.
Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Could you share your prepration steps, material used and tips to prepare?

Thanks in advance.
10 years ago
Hello Every one,

Have a nice day.
11 years ago

11 years ago
Better solution is to reinstall ANT 1.4.

If possible copy ANT directory from the working machine in network and paste into your machine. This worked me fine, without any problems.

17 years ago