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Recent posts by Francis Siu

I did write the Monte Carlo simlulation in JAVA, but I would like to know JAVA library contain that function
12 years ago
I know MS Excel function for the Inverse normal distribution function
But do not know the Inverse normal distribution function in JAVA representation
Does JAVA API provide the mathematical function for modeling and analysis

12 years ago
Paper texture is purely classic with good effect
12 years ago
Hi all ranchers,

Thanks for all ranchers and owners who could create this place for me to learn about Java programming. I have passed the exam above 70%

17 years ago

Yes, "Drop Table" could very well be considered a database refactoring.

Um.....could you tell us why "Drop Table" could very well be considered a database refactoring?

With refactoring, you could certainly normalize an already existing database, but there are a lot of other things you can do with refactoring, too (denormalizing it, for example ).

With other words, normalization is one goal in designing a database. Refactoring is about changing the design of an existing database, whatever goal you follow by doing so.

I wonder if you could tell me that is refactoring a kind of process re-engineering based on the database with some conditions such as performance?

Originally posted by Pradip Bhat:
Can I say an UseCase is a collection of stories.

I think that a Use Case could be a story or a collection of stories that describe the events and processes

Also an exception case is also an story?

I think that exception case could be a branch or a collection of branches for that story.
And the story may be better to be defined by EBP guideline
It seems that V model is the modern one, I have seen all SDLC pictures are cycle and chain. Does the concept remain the same for V model comparing with the traditional one such as cycle?
I think that it depends on the mechanism running behind, the memory allocation, the status of memory fragmentation...etc. I think that many conditions will be included when we want to know which one is faster.
18 years ago
Hi ganesh pol
For the first question, you can click the following linkage to take a look with the answer posted by Thomas Paul for the first one.
here and here
For the second question, the meaning of loaded dynamically that is related to the class loader?
Hope this help

[ June 02, 2005: Message edited by: siu chung man ]
19 years ago
Yes, when we develop an application for the bank transaction, it will become some tips for us..... I wonder why that situation did not happen in our real live.
19 years ago
My suggestion is that find and read a good Java book, stay here to ask some questions when you have and share what you learn. Of course, I think you are in right way
19 years ago
You can add some println function to print the result out when the loop run everytime. And also you can add the counter to know more clearly, the 1 time is.....the 2 time is ......etc
19 years ago
Hi Kevin
The sign = is equal to the mathematics = , for example
x=1, y=2
z=x+y //The sum assign to the varaible z, and z store the value of sum
then z=3
if x=x+y
then x=3 //The same idea of previous example.
why? In mathematics, x is not equal to x=x+y, you can think the variable x is a box that you can use it to do calculation.
And how about y=x=z=1? please think about it
19 years ago
thanks Ernest
I do not know too ^o^ as I just copy the answer given from TA and then smile
I think that only version 1 works
Version 1

Version 2

Version 3 (Original version) ambiguous one

Do the above three version work?
I wonder that is the program missing the base case?
thanks ^o^
[ December 11, 2004: Message edited by: siu chung man ]
19 years ago