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Recent posts by Mandar Puranik

Hi Folks,

Which is the SCJP Exam a person should take now ?
Coz I hear that 1.4 exam would be there only for a few months,
and a new exam fo 1.5 is coming soon.

Hi Guys,

Failed in scjp.
Exam was disastrous.
Practice code and mocks werent enough I think,
coz I think there is a lot of difference in java in exam
and java used in day to day work.
Only silver lining to the cloud is, I scored 100% in
garbage collection. Failed miserably in all other sections.

19 years ago
Hi David and Sonny,
Thanks for you advice. It helped me a lot.
I used the advice you two gave.
I just set the day of the calendar to the 1st Jan of that year.
Then iterated to get all the sundays and saturdays.
Its working perfectly correct.
Thanks and Warm Regards
20 years ago
Hi Friends,
Please can you help me ?
I need to do following.
I have to find out all(or 1st and 3rd) Saturdays and Sundays in
an year.
For that, I want to set the calendar date to 1st Jan of that year,
so that I can start from there and then find the required Saturdays and
How should I proceed ?
20 years ago
Hi Harvinder,
This will give a compiler error.
The reason is that both, the class which you extend as well
as the interface you implement, has the same variable str.
So it doesnt come to know which str you want to refer to in your class
ie in Ques.
What you need to do is, either change the variable name in interface or class Ques2, or refer str in class Ques using a "." for eg. Ques1.str.
Hope this helps
Warm Regards
Hi Guys !!!
Is there any pre-requisite for appearing for xml certification ?
i.e Do I have to be an scjp first to appear for xml certification ?
Thanks in advance
Thanks Osama and William.
That clears my doubts about the Servlet Constructor.
Will be back with more doubts, as I go on..

20 years ago
Hi Osama,
Thanks for the answer, but where is that constructor ?
20 years ago
Hi ,
I have the following doubt :
As I understand, the servlet is instantiated by the servlet container, when the first request is sent by a user (client).
Then only its service method is called.
But then where is the constructor of the servlet located ? I mean how does the container instantiates the servlet object ?
Thanks in advance
20 years ago
Hi Jessica,
Its not that I am equating the certification to the doctoral or any other degree. I was just giving an example.
My point was that if a person gets a certificate, thats it. It shouldnt expire. May be there is a new exam. Like after 1.2, you can offer 1.4.
Now the choice should be left to the person whether he wants to go for 1.4 or may be the next one after that. But his 1.2 shouldnt expire.
(Same way as I have to take graduation exam once, Even if the subject and contents of the course changes over the years, I dont have to appear for it again).
And when I said this, I meant that for all the guys out there, not just Sun.
Warm Regards
Hi Aijaz, Jessica !!!
I had once posted my thoughts on this here before, but I think I would do it again.
I think that the Certification shouldnt expire.
The reason is very logical. When we graduate and get a degree, its valid for whole of our life.
Its not that we have to again appear for it say after 10 years to keep it update.
When a person graduates as a Doctor he is a Doctor for all of his life. Of course its his responsibility to keep himself upgraded to the latest type of medicines etc. He doesnt need to appear for that exam again.
In the same way, I think, if somebody is a SCJP, he is that way for whole of his life. After that its his responsibility to keep himself upgraded, he should not need to take up the exam again.
Of course this is the way I think.
What do you guys have to say ?
Best Regards
Many a times in this forum this topic has been discussed. Still I am getting confused by the following :
Many guys said here that the entry point to a java program , there has to be a public static void main(String[]args) method. (According to JLS)
But I have following code, and its gets executed.
Whats the reason ?
Note : If we remove the static word, then it obviously doesnt run. But why does it run even if the access specifier is private or proteced ?

Thanks in advance.
What is the difference between between requestdispatcher and jsp:forward ?
To be more specific I want to know the difference between requestdispatcher.forward(), and jsp:forward.
Thanks for help in advance.
21 years ago
Hi Narsimha and Yi....
I havent understood a part of Yi's code and Narsimha's explanation.
Here is it again :

Now control comes to the line no 14, and will try to create the instanc e of the class 'Test". Before creating any instance all the instance blocks and instance variables will be excuted in the order, before doing this same thing will be done in the super class. Hence control goes to the line no 3 and line no 4 will be executed,....

Why does the control come to line 3 and not above that ? coz u say that all the instance blocks and instance variables will be executed, then why not the control goes again to line 1 ?
(The whole block is static,so either it should be executed once, or how come only the first method is executed in the second part ? I am damn confused )
Please clarify..
[ May 16, 2003: Message edited by: Mandar Puranik ]
Hi Wilson,
If a class has a final access modifier, then we cannot extend that class.
For eg.

We wont be able to extend this class as it is defined as final class.

Hope this helps.
Best Regards
[ May 10, 2003: Message edited by: Mandar Puranik ]