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Recent posts by Travis Gibson

Howdy ranchers,
I am thinking about picking up another Sun certification(already have an SCJP) early this year I'm not sure which I should pursue.
I realize that SCBCD is more specific to EJB and SCEA is more general to overall architecure but there appears to be quite an overlap regarding J2EE and EJB specifically.
Therefore I was wondering if anyone who has taken either exam would like to give me some input regarding which I should take.
Thank you for you time.
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Fellow ranchers,
Which book would you recommend a study guide for my SCEA part I preparation.
Travis Gibson
Fellow ranchers,
I am looking for the best practice for sharing the classes contained in a JAR(in this case these are utility classes) file across multiple EAR deployments. I have looked at the following options:
1.) Specifying the shared jar in the manifest file of EAR files.
2.) Placing classes one EAR file and using JBoss unified class loader to load them in memory.
I have been placing the jar file in the /lib directory however I would these classes to be hot deployable so I am looking to get away for doing this.
Travis Gibson
17 years ago
Howdy Fellow Ranchers,
I have had my SCJP for over three years and I have been thinking about getting my SCEA for some time. However I was wondering was it really worth the time an effort.
I already have a great position as a Principal Lead Developer and I have several large projects under my belt where I had a pretty large impact on the overall architecture.
How is the SCEA viewed by the industry as a whole.
In addition with all of the talk about IBM buying Sun(and possibly JavaSoft) does it make sense to pursue another Sun Certification.
Here question you should ask yourself is do you actually know Swing.
You should expect questions on: Panel vs. Frame, Layouts(Flow, GridBag, ect), Event handling and listeners and probably a few talking about the use of radio, checkbox, textboxes.
You'll probably get some questions regarding GUI design and using MVC. Don't forget to mention separation of Presentation and Logic(Business) layers.
Fat Clients Suck!!
Hope that helps.
19 years ago

Originally posted by Michael Pearson:

This stuff isn't cheap!
Academic .Net Professional - $115
Upgrade .Net Professional - $449
Upgrade .Net Enterprise Architect - $1675
.Net Enterprise Architect, FULL - $2325
This blows my mind. Could you imagine having to pay $2000 for a J2EE developer license?

Nope, I didn't have to pay for my copy(My employer picked up the tab)
You still have the choice of using your favorite Text editor. Personally I think IDEs make you lazy developer. You start depending on outcompletion and auto error checking. Instead of either taking the time to research the API or double checking your code before you compile.
But with that said VS.NET Architect does everything accept get you coffee. Take yesterday I was coding some DALs(Data Access Layers) using ADO and I needed to create some stored procedures.
Well you simply click on the DB server that you are using select Add Stored Procedure. Put in the SQL for the stored procedure and save it. Then you can refer to it simply by name in your code without any setup or defining the path to the actual file.
Anyhow all I am saying is .NET is doing somethings right and Sun(And the rest of the Java world) needs to take notice.
19 years ago

Originally posted by Shawarma Kebab:
Maybe on a weekend i'll take a look at the Visual Studio IDE. Hey is there a free download? Cheers.

Not a snowball's chance in hell.
The Enterprise edition(Which I have) is over $2,000 per licence
The .Net SDK is free though at
19 years ago
I'm not saying to abandon your Java studies only that .Net is no joke.
I haven't even mentioned the XML support built in ADO.NET and Remoting. I still think Web Forms(ASP) could be better but that Code-behind method is sweet. All the power of JSP with Struts except
The learning curve for J2EE and EJBs can be kinda steep. When you mix in all the different vendors in that space IBM, Bea, Oracle and each one implementing their own way it can be a nightmare.
As .Net becomes more and more stable thanks to us paying guinea pigs it will become a behemoth. Mark my words!!
Remember Windows 1 - 3.0?? IBM OS and Mac OS were both way better and way more stable but what happened. Windows snatched away damn near every desktop in the world. Win 3.0 used to crash on me at least 3 times a day.
The idea of supporting a Microsoft technology is not an easy pill to swallow.
Java needs to be truly free in order to survive. If Java dies we all lose.
19 years ago
Depends on who you ask. I think there are more than enough US citizens to provide for the US IT needs. The problem is a matter of dollars and cents.
Do companies want to pay market rates for skilled labor? Some do and some don't. It's a dirty business of back room deals and kickbacks.
Imagine your the head of an IT Dept. Some sales guy from a H1 consulting firms says I'll get you 10 developers for the price of 4 and I'll give you $10 an hour on each one as a kickback to a dummy corp. What would you do? That's a tough decision isn't it.
I'm not saying I'm against H1 Visa only that there needs to be some regulations regarding them to ensure that employers don't abuse the H1 developers and ultimately US Developers.
19 years ago
Howdy ranchers,
Contrary to what many of the so-called Java advocates are saying The .Net framework is no joke.
Microsoft who is notorious for letting paying customers debug their software have a 200 million dollar spoon ready to shove down everyone's mouth.
Better open wide.
While the scaling problems with Web Forms(ASP 3.0) still exist with Application objects, the problem seems alot to be fixed with Session objects working across server farms. But EJBs seems to still have some scaling problems as well.

Furthermore the Visual Studio .Net IDE is the best I have ever seen. Now if your a hardcore developer like I me your probably saying vi or emacs is the best tool for writing code. But for everyone except us hardcore type this IDE does everything except cook your dinner.
C# as a language is very nice! Think of everything from C++ you wish you had in Java plus some other stuff and you have C-Sharp.
The key is .Net is so intergrated with Windows you have access to everything you want to do in Windows. From deployment to IIS, One click creation of web services, XML remoting between application or domains, one click creation of Windows service.
Dude you can even use the Windows installer in your code.
In developing GUIs...Swing cannot touch Windows form..PERIOD!
Java has and continues to be my bread and butter but I have just completed a .Net/C# project for a client of mine and I must say I was kind of impressed.
There are still things about Java that Microsoft won't provide, platform-independence being one thing. But in order for Java to fight off .Net Sun must set it free and make it open source. It's the only way.
No, suing Microsoft will not work. How many times must we see the better technology lose out because one technology is marketed better than another(Beta/VHS, Windows/everything else..)
If you love Java, Sun Microsystem then you must let it go.
My 2 pennies..
19 years ago
Hey fellow ranchers,
Let just preface my post the problem is not with skilled labor from other countries coming and working in the United States.
With that said anyone who has worked in Information Technology for any length of time has to be aware of what is happening with H1 people in IT(Especially those from India).
I have quite a few Indian buddies who have really filled me into the way it works and it isn't pretty.
What happens is these Sweatshops(IT Recruiting firms) sponsors these people with H1s and in return the pay 1/2 and sometimes a 1/3 of what your average U.S. developer would make.
If the sponsored person complains about the situation their salary or rate their employment(i.e. H1 sponsorship) is gone. That means a ticket back to India.
The effect is the sweatshop can afford to offer the services of their contractor at a highly reduced rate and still pull a huge margin.
Then when you mix in the monetary kickbacks that they give to IT Managers(Yes, this happens all the time..don't be surprised) you can see that this really effects everyone no matter what your nationality.
Personally I'm not sure that getting rid of H1s is the answer but I cannot think of a better one except maybe for the government to force these sweatshops to pay the H1's market rates which is highly unlikely.

T. Gibson
19 years ago
Can IBM Websphere be run on Solaris. If so how does it perform compared to Apache or Weblogic.

Travis M. Gibson, SCJP
Java Developer
20 years ago
I passed the SCJP in November 2000. I have been working as a Java Software Engineer ever since. It can be done, so good luck.

Fellow ranchers,
I'd like to thank everyone for your interest in the Java Developer position. It has been filled. If any other oportunities open up I will let you all know.

Travis M. Gibson, SCJP
Java Developer
20 years ago
If you are commuting to the Bay Area from Sacramento now is the time to end that commute.
Applied Protocol Engines is ting is a rapidly growing eBusiness Solutions AND Performance Engineering firm located in greater Boston. We are currently searching for several Java professionals with varying ranges of experience. Ideal candidates will have working knowledge of Java, OO, Broadband, Win NT and Unix.
Collaborative offers competitive salaries, bonuses, benefits, and company equity.
Mid to Senior-level developers can expect salaries from $70k-$90k base + Pre-IPO stock + 10% bonus.
If you are interested please feel free to drop me e-mail at

Travis M. Gibson, SCJP
Java Developer
20 years ago