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is SCEA really worth...all pandits just take time and suggest me ...
I have been doing java j2ee for 5 years...
i have completed scjp/wcd & websphere...
but SCEA looks like more doing college degree...
how much time does assignment take much time does complete processin 1,2,3 take ...we could as well do MCSD with less pain and now .NET market is improving what do you all say...
at present only pass SCEA about the knowledge ...i am reading an when needed...
thanks for info..
Simple thing is Architect exam helps become an architect. so is programmer/developer exams..
You have to other things solve real life problem..
Is there good book on legacy connectivity.???
Yes wait for Version 5 , it meight be soon....and my guess is they may promote exam with free voucher like they did for 158 in early stage
Does UML certification really have any value in the industry. Since it does not concentrate on any tool like Rational rose, Together Control centre,...?
Hi javaranchers, my suggestion we must be able to create a poll system. here for such question...
Does UML certification really have any value in the industry. Since it does not concentrate on any tool like Rational rose, Together Control centre,optimal j
Can any one point me where can i find details for Oracle MS. SQL DBA
Can any one direct me to free struts tutorial...
17 years ago
Depending on place you come from in US 150$...
In India it cost is different around 3500 bucks..
Websphere 158... is mosted valued Java Technology.
Thanks... I have read ED ROMAN's Mastering EJB book online.
Which are the REDBOOKS we need to read for 158...
It looks like , we all share the same view...i think the exam is not worth all the effort. Infact with this effort we can clear the Java Architect exam....which has more value in long run...and WILL IBM ASK ALL PARTNERS TO DO WAS 5.0 WITH NEW EXAM SOON...REMEMBER WAS5.O INCLUDES SUPPORT FOR MQ Series....
Can any one provide explained answears to these questions....
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The following sequence of method calls occurred on a CMP Entity bean instance when a Session bean invoked its businessMethod1() and businessMethod2() methods from the same Session bean method in IBM WebSphere Application Server, Advanced Single Server Edition for Multiplatforms:
entityBean.ejbActivate() entityBean.ejbLoad() entityBean.businessMethod1() entityBean.businessMethod2() entityBean.ejbStore() entityBean.ejbPassivate()
Assuming that the session bean is configured with TX_REQUIRED, what MUST be TRUE about the scenario that generated these method calls?

A. The business methods are NOT configured with TX_REQUIRES_NEW.

B. Any persistent state changes that occur as a result of businessMethod1() are in the same transaction scope as changes made by businessMethod2().

C. Any persistent state changes that occur as a result of businessMethod1() are in a different transaction scope than changes made by businessMethod2().

D. ejbStore() will write the resultant state of the Entity bean to the persistent store.

A developer launches the EJB Test Client by selecting the EJB in the J2EE View and selecting "Run on Server." After the server starts, the following message is observed:
Could not perform lookup with JNDI name: a/b/MyEJB
What should the developer do to diagnose the problem?

A. Look at the Bindings page of the EJB Extension Editor.

B. Use netstat to identify port conflicts.

C. Look at the LoggingUtil.log file in the workspace's .metadata folder.

D. Look at the server's console to search for "Error starting" message for the MyEJB bean.

E. Look at the trace.log file under the workspace's .metadata\.plugins\\logs directory.

When designing a primary key generator for your J2EE application, which of the following would be the BEST option?

A. Depend on database specific key generation support, accessible through stored procedure

B. Build custom key generation engine deployed to database, accessible through stored procedure

C. Use a local primary key generation algorithm to eliminate synchronization delays

D. Use local management and delivery of centrally generated primary keys

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In the Application Assembly Tool of IBM WebSphere Application Server, Advanced Single Server Edition for Multiplatforms, V4, defining a CMP EJB method's "Access intent" as "read" has what effects on the application?

A. CMP fields cannot be modified in the read-only method.

B. CMP fields can be changed but are not written by the container to the database when the method completes.

C. The ejbStore() method is not called.

D. The ejbLoad() method is not called.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A Web application consists of HTML pages, Servlets, JSPs and JavaBeans. When creating the web module using Application Assembly Tool's "Create Web Module Wizard", which of the following MUST be done?

A. Specify the containing enterprise application EAR file.

B. Select the "File serving enabled" option.

C. Specify the "Context root".

D. Identify all HTML pages, Servlets and JSPs to be included in the web module.

E. Select the "Directory browsing enabled" option.