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Recent posts by RJ Espinoza

I would like to send out a big thank you to the authors. This is some right powerful learning!

I am new to programming and Java. I have practically no experience whatsoever.

Yesterday I was just about half way through the exercises at the end of chapter one when I started to think about applying what I had learned up to that point to make my own Lotto number generator. In less than an hour I was done.

This is what the output looks like when I run the program...

The first five Lotto numbers are
random numbers between 1 and 47.

The MEGA number is a random number
between 1 and 27.

Your Lucky Lotto Numbers are:
a. 33 38 27 04 43 MEGA 06
b. 36 08 26 14 23 MEGA 11
c. 36 38 32 05 15 MEGA 17
d. 35 24 02 23 17 MEGA 01
e. 04 23 11 16 10 MEGA 01

It's not the next "killer app" but for a newb like me it is a big step.

Thanks again!

I will buy a $5.00 quick pick when the Lotto grows too high to resist. Now I generate my own $5.00 quick pick!
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17 years ago
Thanks for the reply and the code Vs. quote tip.
18 years ago
Hello all.
I am a new java student. I'm doing the exercises at the end of chapter 2, Deitel - Java how to program 5e.
Exercise 2.18 calls for programming which wasn't covered in the chapter. Part of the exercise is to determine the high and low numbers of three numbers entered by the user.
I solved it like so:

This does work, but is it propper for Java to use nested if statements?
[ September 15, 2003: Message edited by: RJ Espinoza ]
18 years ago
The rpm usually puts it in /usr/java and you would run java from usr/java/bin
18 years ago
You have to be in super user mode or log in as root.
18 years ago
I don't think certification should expire within versions. If you pass 1.4 you should not have to recertify for 1.4.
When 1.5 is released you have the option of upgrading your certification to 1.5 by paying the fee for the new exam and passing it. But your 1.4 cert should not expire.
Thanks for all the replies.
If anyone is interested in seeing this option in action check out justlinux.com, for example.
18 years ago
Maybe it's the version of UBB you're using here.
Just about every other UBB forum I am a member of has this option under User Control Panel > Options > Messaging and Notification:
Use 'Email Notification' by default?
Using this option emails you whenever someone replies to a thread that you have participated in.
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[ January 31, 2003: Message edited by: RJ Espinoza ]
18 years ago
Is there an email notification option not just for new threads I start, but also for threads that I reply to?
I'd like to be notified when someone replies to a thread after me.
18 years ago
I own Just Java 2. I think Core Java 2 Volume 1 has a more direct approach for someone who has had some hands-on with Java.
18 years ago
Does Oracle 9i JDeveloper fit the profile?
18 years ago