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Recent posts by Rod Macpherson

I have a war file with the following in WEB-INF/MANIFEST.MF. There is a blank line after the Class-Path setting as required. The war file is contained in an EAR with the two listed utility jars at the root. The JSP pages in my war FAIL to find classes in these jars. Documentation on this setting can be found every where, but it NEVER works. Ideas?
Manifest-Version: 1.0
Class-Path: /foo.jar /bar.jar
21 years ago
Consider using ant to create your jars and/or copy your war directory to the jboss server. JBuilder integrates with ant: just add build script using add-files -- btw, investigate the use of Eclipse as your IDE since it has the same pricing structure as JBoss and, like JBoss, comes with a money-back guarantee.
NT/XP does not support symbolic links: as glaring as it is fundamental. If you use Ant you can just copy what you need and it is fast and easy. There is a ranch forum for Ant as well.
21 years ago
P.S. Set your memory in an environment variable: JAVA_OPTS so that when you run [your jboss]/bin/ (or run.bat) they will be picked up:
Example JAVA_OPTS: -Xms256m -Xmx256m
Obviously you can edit also.
21 years ago

Originally posted by ali rafiq:
i used tomcat for servlet or jsp .. but i dont know how to start jboss..please send me the procedure to start jboss services ..and which folder we have to put the class file .. and can we use servlet on jboss..???

It's a J2EE application server, 'nuff said. Bite the bullet and purchase the $10 documentation on their website.
Here's a hint to get you started: put your app in a directory with a dot war or dot ear extension and put your jars right in the deploy directory.

[your jboss]/server/default/deploy/foobar.war/WEB-INF/classes
That path pretty much tells the whole store in terms of trying it out. Plop jars 'n classes as you normally would or try the deploy director if you want hot-deploy of just that jar.
21 years ago

Originally posted by bipin deshpanhde:
How many people use jboss?
How reliable it is?
Can it be used as real time app server ?
How to supress verbose messages which comes at server start up?

1. JBoss enjoys wide-spread use and will soon be as ubiquitous as anything currently available in the commercial realm.
2. As for real-time usage, I guess the answer to that is a resounding "yes" if it is asked with respect to any other J2EE platforms. I suppose it depends whether you mean the marketing term or the industrial definition of a real-time system.
3. The start-up logging is not too verbose in my opinion but you can configure it to your heart's content since Apache's LOG4J provides that service. If you want verbose try turning on the console debug level
21 years ago

By default jboss doesn't support webservices. I mean to say still jboss doesnt have built in support for webservices.

JBoss plugs in rather than builds in and the result is a consistent "built-in" quality to everything.

We have to use Cysive Cymbio� server on jboss to enable webservices. And Cysive Cymbio server is not freeware

I think you meant to say you chose to use Cysive Cymbio� server versus you have to. No problem in paying for solutions that you feel give you some sort of material business advantage. I would try Apache Axis first, however, and then perhaps make a comparison with the cash-money-u-pay variety.

21 years ago
I second the motion for Apache Axis based on the quality and availability and lastly because it is free!
Apache Axis
21 years ago

Originally posted by bipin deshpande:
I have completed my application using jdk1.3. So if i have to use LinkedHashMap I have to start from scratch.

Sounds like you have to restructure your app to solve this memory problem anyway: starting from scratch not required. If you can you definitely should switch to JDK 1.4.
21 years ago

Originally posted by bipin deshpande:
i am writing a search engine.I m loading pointers to words in index files in memory....

GC definitely not a solution: you are running out of memory and by definition the GC could not find enough objects on the heap to free. Forcing GC is only going to insult its intelligence
Memory mapped files will provide direct access to your index files with automatic paging. Excellent book with examples:
The suggestions to data structures with "weak" references are also excellent but require you provide a reloading strategy if the reference evaporates: that may require random access of your persistent data. Good ideas nevertheless.
21 years ago

Originally posted by Aaron Abraham:
...the memory utilizations remain at a high, and then, slowly crawls back to the normal levels (Note: this is not a typical GC 'drop'. I don't think GC is being done in this case). And the heap remains at high, and the application gets choked for memory...

Classic GC
If there is memory available the GC need not run. What is the point in running when you have memory available? You have more memory than you need and the available heap space proves that. Forcing the GC has several diagnostic benefits but purpose is served forcing it early?
Incremental GC
Incremental GC distributes the work of collecting garbage memory. This does not ensure or even help in preventing out of memory conditions.
The solution for out of memory conditions is to cut down on the amount of reachable reference in your code. Common sense code usually does the job and you can tune it later.
21 years ago