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Sachin Dere

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since Jan 14, 2003
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Recent posts by Sachin Dere

Small question. why would you want to return to India when you can get a JOb in Australia based on your Qualifications?
13 years ago

Lee Kian Giap wrote:Now started to create a checklist of what I can accept and what I can't for my next job search, and reading this book "Land the Tech Job You Love" ... learn from mistake

I think you did the right thing. Can you pm me the Company Name so that i can avoid it? i work in Singapore too
13 years ago
Hey lee kian,
Looks like you are in Singapore.which company you work for?
13 years ago

Jigar Naik wrote:You can tell me about keeping below address in mind.

4 Shenton Way, #08-03 SGX Centre 2
Singapore 068807

And by the way what is "internet detective" below your name in JavaRanch ???

that means he sniffs the Internet for potential threats:)
13 years ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Singapore is country. I'd like to think it varies based on where in the country one is.

Singapore is a small island. Doesnt really matter where one is:)
13 years ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:

David Sanz wrote:

It's hard to compete on the Java/C++ front though because a lot of people competing for those jobs do have actual work experience. What about learning something a little more specialized? Like iPhone or Android development.

I suppose I could go that route. It means going to a community college or technical institute, right?

Depends on how you learn. You could get some good books and practice a lot on your own.

David Sanz wrote:

Or a scripting language. Or something else. What do smaller employers in your area look for?

I don't know. I don't know the market that well.

You can learn about it by looking at job listings for your area.

David Sanz wrote:

Can you work on open source or topcoder type projects to gain some experience. (It may not be work experience, but it is better than a course.)

I suppose I could work on some open source project and hope that I can convince a prospective employer that my involvement in that project amounts to legitimate work experience. But I would rather have a job so I can pay the bills, Maybe I should forget about Java and concentrate on a job where I am expected to perform a specific task day in and day out? Do you think learning CAD would help me find a job?

It's to do in parallel. Get a job to pay the bills and learn the skills for what you want to do next outside of work. I don't know what the market is like for CAD.

I guess you are in a catch22 Situation. I would suggest start Coding/working on Sample Projects in Java asap and keep looking for Jobs. I am sure you will get something sooner or later.Or better Still tell them you dont mind working for lesser Pay Package until you prove yourself
13 years ago
how long have you been trying?
13 years ago
hi there,
I am thinking of few Projects and need a hand in Spring/Hibernate. Email me on and we will talk about it more. alternatively, add me on I need someone to share ideas with and would be great if you could help me out. We can work remotely on SVN so that would be no issue.

13 years ago
Hi there,
which company? whos the agent? how much are they offering? what about your Visa Status? How long is the Contract? what about your accomodation? are you coming alone or with your family? Whos paying for your flight tickets
make sure you ask all these questions or if you already know these answers and post them here so that we can help you
14 years ago

Vinutha Harishankar wrote:Hi,

Can I get the xsl code for escaping the apostrophe .Because if the variable name is passed with an apostrophe in xsl the javascript shows an error message.
The xsl is unable to parse the apostrophe.

try this ’ in place of apostrophe
hi there,
would love to get hold of this book...thanks Chad Fowler for writing it
15 years ago
why do you think its a dumb requirement?
16 years ago
can you post your code here?
use transaction.commit() after your insert query