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Recent posts by manish agarkhed

Hi Craig,

I am using Spring 3 for a development project.

Excited to hear that your new book includes annotation-based MVC framework.

Wishing you all the best.
10 years ago
Hi Shailesh,

It is not required to do SCWCD certification for SCDJWS.If you have a bit of knowledge on JSP/Servlet it will help you in running sample codes on java webservices.
You need to wait for new exam as the current SCDJWS is based on J2EE.
I am preparing for SCDJWS and found only Whizlab available as exam simulator.

Please let me know if any other exam simulator available in market besides Whizlab.

Thanks for your help in advance.
Hello Deep,

Richard Monson-Haefel book on webservices is the most popular reference book. Please refer to SCDJWS link on java ranch site for more details on exam.
Hi Kanan,

At present there are no certification book like 'SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 5 Study Guide' available for this exam.

You need to refer to specifications and RMH book to prepare for certification.
I got your point, thank you very much for your help
Thanks for the reply.As suggested by you,I looked into the EL specifications and it says

If value-a is a List or array:
� Coerce value-b to int (using coercion rules)
� If coercion couldn't be performed: error
� Then, if value-a.get(value-b) or Array.get(value-a, value-b) throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
or IndexOutOfBoundsException: return null
� Otherwise, if value-a.get(value-b) or Array.get(value-a, value-b) throws other
exception, error

From above ,my perception is I should able to print NULL,but it is showing a blank page. Pls let me know your thought.
hello ranchers,
I am studying JSP EL topic and facing a peculiar problem. I am running a simple JSP as shown below
<%@ page isELIgnored = "false" import= "java.util.*" %>
ArrayList list=new ArrayList();
request.setAttribute("list",list);//adding list to request
${list[3]}//EL to dispaly the list from above
//ArrayList list1=(ArrayList)request.getAttribute("list");
From the above code I thought it will throw IndexOutOfBoundsException,but it is showing blank page as output. If I access the attribute by uncommenting below lines,it throws right exception.
//ArrayList list1=(ArrayList)request.getAttribute("list");

Is it container specific? I am using tomcat 5.5
Pls help me in understanding this behaviour
Dear All,

I have purchased SCWCD exam voucher a week back and preparing for the exam. I need to go to USA immediatel on a long term assignment.Can I give certification exam in USA with the voucher purchased in India.

Do any body know any details