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Recent posts by swati bannore


Me too passed SCWCD yesterday. I was busy with work, so studied only for 40 days and only with HFSJ book.

I must say, this book saved me. Very good illustrations.

Reading posts here has always been my hobby

Thanks Javaranch and HFSJ !

15 years ago

What will be the correct answer for the above? My take is 1.

Confirm my understandings. Thank you.

For the record this is from javabeat demo exam.

shouldnt the answer be

A) webmail.ear and B) webmail.war

as jar file usually contains all the libs..

Check the errata for the edition you have. I have the latest HFSJ and it is CORRECTLY defined as


Hope this solves the confusion. And yes, in the exam,if its mis-spelled, dont select it
provided request and method are the objects obtained from getRequest() and getMethod() resp.

Correct me if I am wrong..


I am preparing for SCWCD. Have worked on Servlets and JSPs but not used EL or cusom tags. I have got Head First, was reading the chapter about EL..but of course i could not get it. I have a months time for preparation.

How would you suggest me to study these topics? Any tips / notes / urls appreciated.

Thank you,
It is MM/DD/YYYY , confirmed from the prometric center in India.
why would i configure a jsp as Servlet? I mean , is it like, on click of a URL, if JSP is going to listen to request, we do it this way..

Thx Shubhrajit and Simon.
I am using POST and shall explore HTTPS as told by Simon.
21 years ago
I ve an html Form which accepts UserName and Password.On submit, I am passing both the values to JSP file say ,validate.jsp which will validate the user and password and accordingly display the data.
Now, When I say submit in form, I can see username and password values in the URL in the address bar. Is there any way to hide this ?
21 years ago
Wish cld do that..and no one wld turn to my page.
Anyways, I found the solution for it,Thx all.
Hi Everyone,
I think, the subject line is quite clear and explainative.
I need to disable right-mouse click in the pop-up window.
I know how to do it in the same window..but what about the window which is opened thru function like below-
<!-- Begin
function url() {
hidden = open('http://www.swati.com,'NewWindow','status=no');
End -->
Anyone, who knows hot to do it, please help.
HI, Ian
The pop window generator is great. But I need additional functionality in my application. I need to disable right mouse click in the poped-up window.
How can I do it? Any Help??