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Recent posts by Srini Kesavan

I am wondering which will be a better option in terms of server resources.
If there is a portlet called WeatherPortlet and if I want to create another portlet called CanadaWeatherPortlet. Which option is better
1) Clone the Weather Portlet to create CanadaWeatherPortlet OR
2) Define another portlet (CanadaWeatherPortlet) in portlet.xml

Thanks in advance
10 years ago
While having them separate is easy for maintenance. It also introduces some redundancy.

Some things to consider:

Even for long run, there are advantages to have same action and form.

If there is some common processing logic that needs to be in the action class,
it need not be duplicated.

The same form can be used. If there are some additional fields are required for one page but not others.
It can be added to the form class. Other pages will not use them.

Also consider the general practice in your company. It pays to be consistent.

I hope you have enough information to make a decision now.
13 years ago
For a field, validator framework will return with error message after the 1st condition fails. For example, below it will not evaluate mask if minlength check fails.

<field property="password" depends="required,minlength,mask>

For a project I am working on, I have a requirement to display all the error messages for a field when an user submits the form.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot !
13 years ago

I need to check when a password is created that it does not belong to any word in a dictionary. How can I do this? Any ideas?

If I have to use database, how can I load the dictionary into database.

I need to do this for english and french.

Thanks in advance.
13 years ago

I have passed with 82%. Very interesting exam.

Thanks to all the Ranchers for their inputs.

Special thanks to Mikalai Zaikin's SCDJWS Study Guide and's Notes and Mock Exam.

I am very glad to have got this certification, which in my opinion is very helpful in learning various concepts of Web Services which is a stepping stone for SOA.
13 years ago
Can you place soap:mustUnderstand attribute in anywhere of a SOAP Message? mock exam says 'Yes'. I though it can be placed only in header.

Please clarify this.


Some of the sections of MZ's notes for Web Services doesn't show up. Only heading shows up but not the content. Is that how it is or is there a problem?

Example for JAXR, Security all the sections doesn't show.
I am using tomcat4.1 in XP environment. I am running struts1.1. How can set I up logging so that the logs can be written to a file.
The logging used in the struts is :-
import org.apache.commons.logging.Log;
import org.apache.commons.logging.LogFactory;
Thanks in advance for your help
16 years ago
Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it.
17 years ago
I would like to exit out of the program if a method call is taking too much time to process.
How can I do that?
IData outputDocument = invoke(context, inputDocument);
if the invoke is taking more than 10 secs. I would like to exit out of the program.
Any help will be useful.
Thanks in advance
17 years ago
Can anyone please suggest what book(s) I need to buy for the part 1 exam.
Thanks all !!!
No questions on Filters.
17 years ago
I passed the SCWCD with 91% today. I just read Hanumant's book and the Java docs. This book is more than enough. The practice exams on the cd is almost of the same standard.
Try to do the free mocks exams available on the net.
I did a very focussed 3 weeks study. My strategy was to keep revising the topics again and again and taking the mock exams in between.
Take the 1st mock eaxm on cd after reading once. That will give you fairly a good idea on where you stand.
Good luck
17 years ago
When i set this conn.setAutoCommit(false); (conn - Connection) The following exception is being thrown.
[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver]Attribute cannot be set now
Here is my code. I would highly appreciate if anyone can suggest the reason for this.
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
if(e.getSource() == update) {
try {
System.out.println (conn.getAutoCommit());
System.out.println (conn.getAutoCommit()); Statement stmt = conn.createStatement(); stmt.executeUpdate("UPDATE EMPLOYEE SET FNAME = 'John' WHERE SSN = '123456789' ");

}// end of try block
catch (SQLException sqex) {
try {
catch(Throwable t) {}
System.out.println("error ");
}// end of catch block
}// end of if block
} // end of action performed method

Thanks a lot...It has a given lots of ideas to tackle the problem.
20 years ago