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I have been trying to use it too. Nice tool that RAServer no options, no documentation, atrocious log, and the ubiquitous
IWAD0250E Ensure that the Remote Agent Controller is started in the remote server machine and the WebSphere installation directory is correct.
Ensure that the WAS_HOME_V5 variable is set to the correct WebSphere installation directory on the remote agent controller.
Plus if you have the misfortune to shut it down it wont start back up a complete machine restarts.
18 years ago
I am using WebSphere studio 5.0 to develop some EJBs. In particular I have an entity bean that I'd like to access from a session bean using the entity beans local interface andI've been having a few problems.
I've been looking around for how to get a local ref and from what I can work out I need to use a string in the following format
java:comp/env/[jndi Bean name]
to look up the bean from the JNDI context. I have specified the ejb-local-ref in my deployment descriptor as follows:
<ejb-local-ref id="EJBLocalRef_1043116534977">
When I deploy and try and get a reference the lookup fails and on further inspection (via a session bean that lists the bindings for a particular string) there is nothing bound under the java:comp/env at all. I figure that this can't be correct and I must be doing something stupid!
Can anyone give me some pointers on how to get a local ref in websphere 5.0? thanks in advance