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Recent posts by Matija Horvatek

Difficulty is like enthuware mock exams.
Questions in the book have a lot of tricky options.. on the real exam, there is not any tricky question, at least in my case.

Also, I forgot to mention that I didn't have any question about nested classes...
Hello, I passed exam with a 88% a few days ago.

For preparation, I've used entuwhare mock exams, and of course, a book OCP Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 17 Developer Study Guide (Scott Selikoff; Jeanne Boyarsky).
I took about 3-4 months on preparation.

I had a 2-3 questions on serialization and deserialization,  you must know which exception may throw read/write methods in this topic. the same worth for modules.
Also, streams (include primitive streams) - you must also study and understand that topic very well... keep an eye on dropWhile and takeWhile stream methods.

Unlike 1Z0-819, I don't have so much questions on loops and post/pre increment/decrement operators.. maybe one question on switch expression, one question on pattern matching, sealed interfaces, resource bundles, basic String methods (immutability) and reference equality and garbage collection.
Related to new in Java 17, i don't have any question about Spliterator, formatting values (compact number format), and no questions on File and Path interface - the only question in this chapter is how to obtain console in Java, of course, correct answer is

Also, as one colleague from here, I had the same question:

Prior the exam, I've had a problem on pre-exam check. Lockdown secure browser on my computer didn't work until I uninstall avast antivirus, after that, everything was fine. Avast blocked browser and it automatically closed a second after you runs.

In the attachment is my score report.

HI, I need a help

I've just scheduled IZ0-829 exam, but when I tried Pre-Exam System Check, on the Step 3 TEST THE SECURE BROWSER
when i click this button, LockDown Browser opens for a few seconds, and then automatically closes.

Also, if I check on STEP 4 that Secure Browser successfully tested then on Start Exam, same situation again happens

Has anyone had the same problem and how did they solve it?

Thank you very much.