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Recent posts by dh chau

Is there any certification is related to UML except IBM - Test 486 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with UML?
Also, where can I get materials and mock exam on IBM 486?
Thanks !
What is the difference between ServletConfig().getInitParameter() and ServletContext().getInitParameter()?
I don't know when to use ServletContext().getInitParameter(). From API of Sun, this fn returns a String containing the value of the named context-wide initialization parameter. What is the meaning context-wide initialization parameter?
Many thanks!!
If the jsp file do not set the Property of the bean, what is the output ?
<jsp:getProperty name="test" property="name" />
<jsp:getProperty name="test" property="age" />
In the javabean, I define name as String and age as int.
I find that the output is "" and 0, but the output of podar mock exam is null and null.
Thanks a lot !!!
Dear All,
Thank you for all of the replies.
I agreed with mathur, the method 2 - (maintaining a pool of servlet instances and dispatching each new request to a free servlet) is the common method.
P.S. mathur, very thanks for your detail explanation.
Is instance variable of Servlet implements SingleThreadModel thread safe ?
Also, is instance variable of Servlet not implements SingleThreadModel thread safe ?
Thank you !!