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Recent posts by John Chien

Dear sir:

I used the Layout:collection and Layout:CollectionInput to do the
input display for a collection.

I thought that I can see the title displayed as for
Layout:CollectionItem. However, I see no title display.
How can I get it fixed.

My code:

<layout:collection name="listBean" styleClass="FORM">
<layout:collectionInput title="column.name1" property="name1"
formProperty="name1" size="6" maxlength="6"/>
<layout:collectionInput title="column.name2" property="name2"
formProperty="name2" size="4" maxlength="4"/>
<layout:collectionInput title="column.name3" property="name3"
formProperty="name3" size="1" maxlength="1"/>
<layout:collectionInput title="column.name4" property="name4"
formProperty="name4" size="6" maxlength="6"/>
<layout:collectionInput title="column.name5" property="name5"
formProperty="name5" size="1" maxlength="1"/>

My E-mail: john.chien@... ot jchien2000@...


John Chien
15 years ago
Thank you for the response.
Certainly, I know that there is no responsibility for you to give me any answer. However, if the forum does not have any response for a question, what is the purpose to have the forum.

I apologize for my previous post. I think I am a little worry about the project in that time.

Actually, I have code to be posted. However, I was rejected many times.
Somehow the forum does not take my code posting.

The reason I put a high level posting is the result of the rejection of the forum to receive my code posting.

When I do the high level posting, I do not expect to get a detailed answer. I expect to get a direction about how to resolve the issue. or to be directed to a reference site.

I know how to use DynaActionForm to dynamically handle the issue.

However, I do not like to go to server for every record that user want to add. The user may want to add thirty records before saving. In this case, user will have to access the server thirty times to dynamiccally increase the size. This will waste the network resource and delay the response.

I do not want to initialize the form to a very big size so that the user can input the records that he/she want. This should be handled dynamically.
If the structs can not solve something like this, I believe that the structs use in web will be some how limited.

What I want is that when the user dynamically add the records, the javascript can create the records that can be handled using DynaActionForm.

I think I want to create the DynaActionForm with a form property to be ArrayList or array. I will have it initilized without giving a size. In the client size. I will have a hidden property that keep the count that the user input the record. For each record, I will try to assign the name
(property) with the DynaActionForm's form property indexed using the hidden property. I will test to see if it works. If I succeed, I will post what I did. If I do not post anything, you can assue that I failed.

I apologize again for the confusion and trouble that I caused before.


John Chien
16 years ago
Dear Sir:

I am using Strut to do the Web design.
I got into a problem like this:

My web page will display several input fields for the properties a record(bean). When the user wants, he/she can press a button. The same type of
input fields (another record) will be added to the screen (page). User may
add as much new records as he/she wants. After he/she satisfied, user can press a "save data" button to send the information in the web page (or in the ActionForm)to the ActionServlet for processing.

That means the user may dynamically add the input fields of different instances of the same bean in the JSP page without submitting to ActionServlet. When he/she satisfied, user will submit the whole collection of beans to ActionServlet. The clent side display is dynamic before submission. The data submitted is a dynamiccally changed collection.

My questions are:

1) How can I define an Actionform or DynaActionForm that is suitable for this type of application ?
2) How can I do the dynamic client side display of input fields of bean (form element) using Struts tag before submitting the form ?
3) Is there any currently existing good Strut discussion forum ?

Please let me know how I can solve a problem like these using Strut.

Thank you.

John Chien
16 years ago
Thank you for the answer.
I think probably SCMAD certification is not the one that I should pursue.
However, who knows.

Thanks in anyway.

John Chien
I do not qiute familiar with this subject.
I do not know if I should take it or not.
Does it test the understanding in Wireless or PDA ? (Mobile Phone ??)

My company may get into PDA application development very soon.
Is it good to study for SCMAD ?


John Chien
I just passed the SCBCD exam.

I think the information provided here in the SCBCD link is really helpful.
Although I do not have much time to prepare, I can get my concept clear by doing the exercises of the SCBCD exam simulator.


John Chien
16 years ago
The SCBCD link indicates that there are several commercial vendor for SCBCD exam simulator.
Which simulator is the best ?
John Chien
SG 246176 - IBM Websphere V 4.0 Advanced Edition Handbook.
SG 246124 - Programming J2EE APIs With Websphere Advanced.
SG 246134 - Websphere version 4 Application Development Handbook.
SG 246144 - EJB Developmentwith Visualage for Java for Websphere Application Server.
You can purchase the mock exam from Whitzlab. However, their mock exam can only correct some of your basic concepts. Besides that, it is quite useless
in term of taking 158. The real exam is much complicated than the mock exam.
There are a lot of exhibits. Each question is lenghthy in comparison with
ICE exam and mock exam. If you purchase the mock exam, you are wasting your
money. Read the redbook, especially the SG246144. The indicated 3 exam preparation textbooks are not that helpful.
I hope this will be of help to you.
I passed 158. I was invited by IBM for an interview for a contract position related to wen services. The interview failed. I was accused that I was self contradictory in the interview. Later on, I found that they have different expectation. The reason was that they were expecting a person with certification on WebSphere Studio Application Server.
What is the difference between the WebSphere Application Server Single Server Edition and Websphere Studio Application Server ? Which one is more important in term of technology and market share ?
John Chien
I am going to take 486 (OOAD).
Does any body have the answers for 486 ICE test ?
John Chien
Finally, I passed the 158 test.
The exam is realy very surpring.
It is lengthy (every question) and more complicated than ICE test.
WhizLab's mock exam only contributes a little to the final result.
In my opinion, people should spent more time in IBM's Redbooks than in
the designated reading materials.
John Chien
I found that every discussing about the EJB certificatiob. Where can I find the related information ? I can not find it in Sun's Java Professional certification site.
John Chien
I just passed the Oracle 9i Associate Developer Exame 1: Introduction to SQL.
From the discussion here, it seems more appropriate to take DBA certification than developer certification. Does that mean that I should change my certification direction.
From the discussion, I found that to take DBA exam, a person should take training class with an Oracle authorized training partner. Does that apply to the Oracle certified developer too ?
John Chien
I just did the 158 ICE test.
Before taking the ICE test, I studied the materials by following the topics posted here.
I thought that I can get 100 % correct as indicated by the posted answer.
I got 96 %. There are two questions I did wrong.
All of them falled in the category of "Develop J2EE components with IBM Websphere Studio Application Developer for Windows V4.0.3.
Since the ICE tool did not indicate the question nor explain the answer, I do not know which one I might get wrong.
Can anybody here kindly points out which questions are referred to the topic that I failed ?
John Chien
I am preparing for taking the 158 (Websphere Application Server) test.
I have already studied the 3 indicated test preparation books.
When I looked at the ICE test questions, I still have a lot of trouble.
My question:
1) What is the difficulty level between ICE test and the real exam ?
2) How can I improve my understanding or concepts ? Any other study materials good for test preparation ?
3) Any test preparation books or materials like the ones for Sun's Java test ? I need more practice to get my concept clear.

John Chien