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Recent posts by Archana Gupta

You can give prospective employer's access to your score, by providing them with the password and I.D. of the site.
Then he (the employer) can log on and check your score.
Alternatively, if you have the name of the individual, to whom you wish to communicate your score, you can email Troia Parson that information, informing her it's ok to release your data
19 years ago
Do go through the thread "JOB availability?" posted by solomon in the this forum, ie.job discussion.
It gives some really encouraging experiences of people who changed careers from totally computer-unrelated jobs to java programming and were SUCCESSFUL
lots of luck
19 years ago
Thanks everyone
I have been immensely helped by all your posts
19 years ago

Thanks a lot, Hemanth and Debabrata.
I think given the Indian scenario, your advise seems more realistic.
19 years ago
Thanks Peter.
Your experience is definitely very encouraging

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19 years ago
Thanks a lot
My email address is
I would love to get some feedback on these companies
P.s. Have you heard of LearningByte an American Multinational in Hyderabad. I might have a chance there.
19 years ago
Hi, I am also a scjp and looking for a job.
From what I have understood from the various threads in javaranch;
SCJP opens some doors for you ; ie. gets you an interview call at the most . Whether you get a job or not depends on how much work experience you have, how impressive you were in the interview etc.
If your recruiter is a scjp, he is more likely to understand how much hardwork scjp connotes
Even otherwise, a good score is always a plus in anything.
In India, where i live, a scjp gets you an entry level position, which doesnt pay much anyway
I am open to correction, if any of the thing I have said is wrong
Anyway, best of luck.
19 years ago
I am a graduate(in a computer-unrelated subject), Indian citizen who wants to go to the US on H-1 visa
I was advised by an immigration attorney(via the internet), that if someone has a graduate degree in a field other than the one related to your current job ( programmer or developer), then for the h-1 visa one needs:
1. 4 year graduate degree
I find a number of members of the Javaranch are of Indian origin.
Can some of these or others help me answer some of the following questions:-
1. At WHAT STAGE should you APPLY for the visa, ie. should I wait for three years of work experience to elapse totally.
I mean, surely, it takes time to process the visa,during which this mandatory period of three years would get completed?
2.Since a h-1 visa requires a sponsorship by a US company; presuming I am able to get a job and employer is willing to sponsor me, how does one maintain a liaion with the offices of the company in US and me in India at the US embassy?
3.Is the immigration process simple enough to be completed by a ordinary person without an attorney?

19 years ago
But consider the fact that I am totally new to the field of computers.
Just a thought, but in my position wouldnt you grab at any job
Atleast to prevent the job experience column in my resume looking barren and desolate
19 years ago
I am a SCJP with no previous job experience,
Infact, I am totally new in the field of I.T.
Recently, I got a job offer.
The problem is that most of the current projects of that company are in Assembly language, C, C++ and probably (atleast on the face of it) involves systems programming. I am worried that this kind of experience may not carry much market value in the current object oriented and java oriented job market.
Also, I had been thinking of going in for the SCJD.
If I join the job, the SCJD will have to be prolonged( as I will be able to spend less time on the SCJD assignment) or maybe even postponed.
Could anyone tell me, which of the two would be more advantageous for me?
Should I aim to complete the Scjd within two months and then search for a pure java job? OR Is the job experience more useful?
19 years ago
Andreas, It certainly looks like you have got a well deserved break. Congrats and good luck.
You said that you had given a online Java evaluation at QWIZtek.
I found the qwiztek site via google.
But as I understand, the company must first refer you to the qwiztek. I mean I cant very well give the exam and hope that potential employers will simply pick up the result?
So could you tell me some companies which do use this kind of online evaluation.
I am asking because, I am a SCJP, but am still scouting for a job. And previous to this, I had no IT experience. The result is that, I get job offers which seem to fizzle out.
And atleast in India, most companies want atleast a college level education in computers , which I dont have.
I am personally willing to relocate anywhere in the world
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19 years ago
Is this bench period thing legal?
I mean unless you sign a contract of some kind allowing a reduced salary, this sure looks like exploitation!!!
Or are you talking about body shoppers, who apparently ship off to America, highly unqualified people from other countries, and then exploit them very lucratively?
19 years ago
Pardon my ignorance Majid, BUT WHAT IS A BENCH PERIOD??
19 years ago
Thanks a lot Oliver
19 years ago
Why dont you join some email group like
There are so many others, but this one for sure has a site which even lists some good books and tutorials.