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Recent posts by Julian Reed

Last Thursday I passed the 1.4 exam with 86%.
I could not sleep at all the night before the exam and by the time I left my home for the exam centre in the afternoon, I was walking around like a zombie ! So you CAN do reasonably well if you can't sleep the night before an exam, it's just that you could probably do better if you did get a good nights sleep!
Anyway here are my study tips:
1.Buy and study Kathy and Bert's book. I think this book is the best exam preparation tool I used.
2.I did many of Dan Chisholms exams - I found the Thread questions particularly useful since these, in my opinion, are the hardest questions in the exam.
3.Take the exam on the CD of Kathy and Bert's book and download and take the bonus exam.
4.Regularly visit this forum to refine your knowledge.
5.Take this exam:
1.4 Mock Exam Engine which is harder than the real exam.
I'm just wondering which exam to take next - does anyone have any ideas on which other Java certification is most marketable e.g. there is a Web Component Exam and I heard there was an EJB exam coming soon?
Thanks to Bert, Kathy, Dan C. and all who contribute to this forum for all the help they have given!
Good luck!
18 years ago
I've noticed when doing various practice exams that I am normally considerably slower at answering questions that involve more than 8 lines of code than other questions.
Can I expect to see about the same proportion of wordy vs. code-based questions as in the Bates/Sierra book's test questions?
Silly question I know, but I'm getting nervous, my exam is on Thursday!
Thanks for your reply, I understand now!
Kind Regards
Thank you very much for this, that clear now!
The question reads:

and the command line invocation is:
java CommandArgsThree 1 2 3
what is the result?
A. 0 0
B. 1 2
C. 0 0 0
D. 1 2 3
E. Compilation fails
F. An exception is thrown at runtime
I got the question wrong since I though that
argCopy[0] needed to be an array of length 2. Anyway the answer is D, given that the reference variable argCopy[0] is reassigned to an array with three elements rather than two.
I'm still a bit confused about how this works though.
Thanks for any help!
I wanted to clarify my logic for why the following code works the way that it does:
First the code:

The answers are:
a. Prints: X0Y1X2Y3X4Y5.
b. Prints: X0X1X2Y3Y4Y5.
Initially, I presumed that the a yield() call would mean that either thread would take the lock of the object with it, so that the second thread could not enter the synchronized method since it can't acquire the lock.
Does this mean that because the second thread is blocked on the object and therefore sits in the waiting list for that object, that the thread scheduler allows the first thread to continue without a yield() call and therefore releases the lock in the synchronized method?
Thanks for any help!
I've just completed the bonus exam which you can download if you've bought Kathy & Bert's book. It gives you 65 questions and 1.5 hours to complete them in. I scored 73% and I really had to rush because of the extra questions and the 30 fewer minutes than the real exam.
Last week I took Khalid/Mughal's 1.4 mock exam and scored 69% on that.
On Dan Chisholm's exams I'm getting around 70% each time.
Am I ready for the real exam?
Thanks for any feedback!
Does anyone know if this tougher than the real exam?
When using the JDK 1.4, if I try to compile this:
int q=\u0041;
it complains "cannot resolve the symbol : variable A"
If I use VisualAge for Java, it compiles. Any ideas why the JDK does not work?
I'm confused.
When using the JDK 1.4, if I try to compile this:
int q=\u0041;
it complains it can't resolve the symbol.
If I use Visualage for Java, it compiles. Any ideas why the JDK does not work?
I'm preparing to take the 1.4 exam in a couple of weeks' time. I've just used Mughal/Rasmussen 1.4 Mock Exam Engine and I'm trying to guage whether I'm ready to sit the real exam.
The page refers to (probably) an older version of this mock exam. The page says this exam engine is harder than the real exam, but I don't know if their 18 December 2002 version, which is the one I've just used, is easier than the previous version (which is said to be hard).
I scored 69%, so I would be grateful for any assessment on whether I should be confident in taking the exam in just two weeks time!