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Recent posts by Paul Bailey

hmm. anyboyd else been able to get around this one?
13 years ago
Okay, but this line doens't work for me:
It says
edu/yak/ cannot resolve symbol
symbol : method setPrintable (edu.yak.Main.ScheduleJPanel)
location: class java.awt.print.PrinterJob
You might notice that I am using an inner class here, but that inner class is a JPanel. It doesn't work if I use printJob.setPrintable(new JPanel()) either!
darn example!
13 years ago
No, it is warning you of a future change. Notice that if you capatalize the first world after a period it won't bother you any more.
14 years ago
This will work... for now. Someday Sun may decide to make some other class that implements Graphics and use it. At this time you will not necessarily be able to cast every graphics as a graphics2D.
14 years ago
Is there a problem with Connector/J that MySQL distributes?
The answer is here
one simply has to include a line like this
15 years ago
I'm getting an InvalidClassException when i read in an object, when i first open the object input stream.
i.e. i have a class that i worte forever and a day ago, and i was saving files with one of these serialized in it, and then recently, i added an extractor to the class, and now when i even try to open an object input stream with one of these it gets mad and says; local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID = 13457817857854345, local classserialVersionUID = 23523513453453245
what can i do?
i don't care about reading in this class, i just want the rest of the stuff to go through an object input stream.
Any ideas?
15 years ago
Here is a very roundabout what of doing it to add to the pile. What makes it interesting is that it doesn't involve wrappers or arrays.

While this type of problem exists on the Java platform, i wouldn't give up Java's entirely pass by value. The desired activity is almost useless, the sillyness required to get it is unworrysome to me.
15 years ago
You two are talking about different things. A Stack is an ADT that java implements in the class Stack. The Stack is where java stores all its objects. The Stack can overflow. Don't worry about it, it is mostly unrecoverable.
15 years ago
Did you figure this out?
It actualy sounds about like what the ScrollPane should do... Normaly when a Container prints it acts as though its size is the size of the graphics it is given, does its layout and then draws like it should to the screen. The problem is that you probably don't want a scrolable printed image.
I would say this is a bug in Java. b/c a scrollable printed image makes no sense. You could work around it by putting the contents in some other Container and pringing that.
15 years ago
Does anybody know about the performance issues with Array.get and Array.set?
I am specifically interested in Array.getDouble and Array.setDouble versus accessing the array explicitly (i.e. dbl_array[i]).
Any ideas or benchmarking programs would be a great help.
16 years ago
I agree as well.
Presently, because of the lack of watches, the incentive is to post a new topic even if one already exists (if you don't, you may not remember to come back here to check for the answer to your question). This makes the ranch's salon less organized and thus harder to use.
16 years ago
Could you try to restate the problem?
I think you want the user to "save" an excel file and have information popup in your db instantly.
If there is only one client, make the excel file an ODBC database and go from there.
If there are many clients, things are more trickey, you might want to get a comercial package.
This works great, but now when the user tabs through the columns, the cursor appears to dissapear for one tab! how annoying!
Can anybody think of a way of preventing this?
Alternately, how do you know when a new cell has been selected? I tried setting the TableCellEditor, but that didn't seem to get all the events. any ideas?
16 years ago
I don't really understand your question, but i see no reason to use & except when there is an item in your conditional that needs to execute regardless of the result of the conditionals.
16 years ago