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Recent posts by Sharda Govindu

source code of String class's replace() method:
"public String replace(char oldChar, char newChar)"
Returns a new string resulting from replacing all occurences of oldChar in this string with newChar.
In that case, C and D both should evaluate to true.
Is that correct??
I see! Jessica, How do I find assignments on this forum ?
18 years ago
Thankyou all.
I am planning to sit for SCJP1.4 in mid march. I hope that should be enough time for me to prepare myself for the exam.
Thanks for your sugestions.
Hi All,
I am planning to sit for SCJP1.4 in mid march. Jessica Sant suggested that I talk to you guys about some ideas on reference books. Currently, I refer 'The Complete Reference Java' and 'Beginning Java'. Could you please suggest any books for practising programming in java.
Also, could you suggest how I go about my preparation for the exam.
Thanks much!
18 years ago
Hi, I am looking for some good reference books to practise writing programs in Java. A book which would have assignments/excercises at the end of each chapter. Any suggestions ??
Thanks Sri.
Let me ask you this. how is -3 represented in binary form. I refer 'The complete reference Java' and in that it says, to represent a -ve number, the bits in the +ve number are reversed and then '1' is added to it.
For ex. 3 is written as 00000011.
So to arrive at binary form of -3,
1st step:
Reverse the bits. 11111100.
2nd step:
add 1 to this binary form.
Now, is it binary AND( & ) or arithmetic addition.
Could you explain, how to arrive at the -ve number in binary form, for a same number but +ve.
I am studying bitwise operations & I need some help!
How can we identify wether a number is negative, by looking at its binary representation?
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