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Recent posts by Harvinder Singh

20 years ago
I sent the logo license contract few days back at this address but I got it back today because of wrong address. Plz tell me where to send this contract.
I sent the contract at this address:

Sun Service Certification Support Manager
BDI fullfillment
PO Box 1156
Salem, UT 84653-1156
20 years ago
Hi Dean Glover,
Congratulations! Score doesn't matters much.But I would like to know that did u made any notes and how much u were getting in the mock exams.
Congratulations! once again
20 years ago
Congratulations Narasimha.
Which one is most appropriate exam to take just after the programmer exam
SCBCD or SCJD. Let me be more specific "Which will help me more in the job interviews?"
20 years ago
Percentage is just a matter of practise. Giving the exam and clearing it is more important.
20 years ago
Hi Padma,Don't worry there are many who won't even think of taking the exams
in such a scenario.In the ranch even the 100% is less since there will be many who will be with u on the top.Hey today i found the first negative point about this site.
Hari Vignesh Padmanaban thanks for making my job easier since I was confused about which certification to take next.
20 years ago
Congrats! That is a great score! How much time u devoted for the exam?
20 years ago
Thanks Hari,Nandini
One more thing I would like to say is that when u solve mock exams try to solve at least 60 questions(except chisholm ).I think except chisholm test most of the test question could be solved as a 60 question set.U can take two small test together.
I lost 5-6 question just because of this single mistake.The more u will be closer to the real exam the more percentage u will get.I hope that others will agree too.
20 years ago
Can u tell me the books that u follwed
for the exam?
20 years ago
I passed with 77% on 27th feb 2004.Score is not too good but that is quite close to what I aimed for(80%).After I gave the exam they told me that we will send u urs temorary certification at home since there is some problem in the printer. And before that temporary certificate I got the real one from Sun.:-)
On the examination day my concentration was not at all good but then also I was able to solve most of the question in the first 50 minutes of the exam.I should say that happened because of the mock exam that I practised(approx. 1000 questions).
Now let me thank all those who have helped to clear the Sun Certified.
Paul Wheaton for creating this great site and all others who are releated to this great site.
Maha Anna--
She is too good.I read the stuff at her site and many of the tips and the messages that I found in the discussion forum was a great resource for the certification.Anyone who want to get certified should follow her blindly.
Marlene Miller--
I am really impressed by the knowledge that he has. He is so eager to help others.
The 19 test provided by chisholm are really great ones.They are hard but ones you go through them u will be confident that u will score good marks.

Marcus Green-- Dont waste his test keep it as final mock exams.Final score is often too close to what u will get in this two exams.

Jessica Sent---
Her replies are to the point and very helpfull.
I would also like to thank other active participant of the SCJP discussion board.
Threads: U r going to get atleast 5-7 questions on this topic alone.Both code based and theory based.Read it nicely.
Java.util:This was my weak point becase what I learned was from the mock exams and then also I got 100% in this section.Just try to concentrate on important classses and Interfaces. Make urs own notes that will help u.

Let me end my post now.But before I do that I would like to say to others who are preparing for the certification is that
--even if someone tell u 1000 different ways to clear the certification the best way will always be to solve the Mock exam. And then to improve urs negative point by writing small code and reading those topics from the book.
--Make urs own notes.Shortcut of taking notes from others wont help u.U can add other's idea to urs notes in ur own words.
Best of Luck to all those ranchers who are working to make there dream come true.Just dont leave it before getting it.
20 years ago
This is mine first post in the servlet discussion before this I came to ranch to take part in SCJP discussion only(I have recently cleared it). Hi to all of u.
I went to this link http://www.javaranch.com/bunkhouse/JSP.jsp
to find which book I should buy for the servlet and became more confused.Can anyone tell me which one is the most popular books among
SCWCD aspirant.
20 years ago
Hello Ranchers,
I gave the certification exam on 27th of feb and after two hours I came too know that I have cleared it but cannot get the temporary certificate because of some problem in the testing software/prometric.
I gave it at STG,South-X,New Delhi.I haven't receieved it yet.
Does this happened to anyone else or am I the first one with such a luck
I am little worried now and don't know what to do.
Hi Jessica,
Thanks for the crystal clear reply. I think the 0 after the 0x
are removed.because a hexadecimal could be of 4 digit only.I think If will will do this then a error will occur(I haven't compiled it...dont have JDK in the cafe).If I am wrong do correct me.

I think the message that this site want to convey to other is
"Try, Try ,Try Until u close me"
I am not able to see those 10 questions(now it is my dream to see it. )
Hi Loveen,
Thanks, I was knowing about the book-fair but was not sure that computer books are available there or not.I will try to get the book from the fair.