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My order is ship in 3-5 weeks.
Did you take the mock exams that come with the book cd? if not, I suggest you take all those exams. Don't forget go through "Exam Quick Prep" at the end of Manning exam kit book. Good luck!
My average score for Jweb + is about 80. The highest is 93% and the lowest is around 67%.
16 years ago
here is the list of material I used for my preparation of SCWCD
book: SCWCD exam study kit by Hanumant Deshmukh
Mock exam: Jweb+ and whizlab's scwcd mock, java ranch mock exam.
Notes: Miftah Khan's Notes on JSP
Miftah Khan's Notes on Servlet
good luck!
16 years ago
I bought the SCWCD study kit long time ago, I was reading the book on and off once. I started get serious reading two weeks ago. SCWCD is much easier than SCJP IMHO, but I use J2EE at work everyday. SCWCD doesn't have much "real brainer" questions. But be aware, there are still some tricky question in the real exam.
16 years ago
Just cleared SCWCD with 96%. The real exam is slightly easier than the mock exams, but they are harder than I expected. I got some questions about the distributed application, they are kind of tricky.
Thanks everyone here.
16 years ago
You are ready for the exam!! I got average 83% in JWhiz mock exams and got 96% in the real one.
From the average score you are ready for the real one. But I suggest you to try some other mock exam, like Marcus or K&B. They are close to the real exam and also can boost your confidence. Good luck
Hi all,
Just passed exam with 96% (59/61). Got Flow Control 77%, and the rest is all 100%. Share my experience here:
I have 2 years java programming experince. I purchased Khalid's book 1 year ago but gave up after 1 week. This year January, started to think about certification again. Get on javaranch and found out there is a new book from Kathy & Bert. Got it on Jan 14, that day should be the official starting date for my preparation.
Bought Jwhiz 1.4 and JQ plus 1.4. Study about 1-2 hours everyday after work, weekend is full day study(5-6 hr).
When I started get some mock exams score around 85, I scheduled exam one month later(March 17).
Kathy & Bert 's book covers all the topics, and they make the study so much fun! much read!
JWhiz and JQPlus are good mock exam simulators. Both of them are harder than real exam.
Here are my mock exam score:
JWhiz's average score is 82(lowest 70,highest 90), JQPlus's average score is 83(lowest 73, highest 90). K&B two mock exam : 88, 85. Marcus:90(2),86(1). Did some of the Dan's comprehesive exam and the average score is 72.
Speical thanks to K&B, Dan, Marcus, and all other ranchers!
I read some days ago, Kathy was talking about the new book for SCWCD but I couldn't find it. I remembered she said the book will come out after summer, I couldn't remember the exactly, but it seems like there will be some changes to SCWCD exam? Maybe I am wrong. Shall I go for WCD right now?
Good Luck to all!
17 years ago
From Kathy/Bert 's book, page 148-149: "the result of an expression involving anything int-sized or smaller is always an int. In other words, add two bytes together and you'll get an int."
So the compiler will complain that it can't convert int to byte, you need to explicit case to byte.
Thank you very much Kathy! BTW, I love your SCJP book! I recommended to my colleague.

answer is compilation error at line 2 because the variable firstArray has not been initialized before use.
I agree if those are local variable. But if firstArray is the instance variable, it will be initialized to null, and the code compiles fine. So my question is: if they labeled 1,2,3 means those lines must be together? Is this kind of question will be on the real exam? What do they try to test?
it compiles and runs fine just like Sri Sri said, but I want to know why. Thanks Sri sri
What will happen when you compile and run the following code?