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Simon Roberts & Philip Heller - Java2 certification guide
Bill Brogden - Java2 Exam cram book
Barry Boone - Java 1.1 Exam certification.
I have 3 years of experience in C. I taught myself C++ and cleared a couple of interviews, but never really worked on it as part of job.
Thanks Maha Anna! Good luck to you! Sure i will be visiting this site.
I just cleared the SCJP2 exam today with 92%. Yes, without this Site, i am not sure what my score would have been. I was preparing for certification from January before i discovered this site in Mid-febraury. Before that, my studies were not that focused, after coming here, i kind
of got the concepts more quickly going through past questions, asking questions about the quesions which i am not clear about etc. I did not do a lot of Mock tests and kind of panicked when somebody sent a mail yesterday that we need to do a lot of mock tests. Might have been good but i just didn't have time to do that.
May God bless the creators, moderators and others who make this site so useful :-). In specific, i would like to thank Jim, Tony and Maha Anna for answering my questions. This is a great way of learning especially when people are so helpful. Can we use this site once we start working in Java or may be we should use Java in general?
[This message has been edited by maha anna (edited July 22, 2000).]
Maha Anna or others,
What do u think of this? It is definitely wrong, i think.
Please ignore this.
Maha Anna & others,
I copied this code from Event handling chapter of R&H to implement enableEvents. I am creating a Button in my Applet using MyButton. Please see below.
class MyButton extends Button
MyButton(String s)
{ super(s);
public void processActionEvent(ActionEvent ae)
System.out.println("Process Event");
I get a compilererror saying that ActionEvent is not found in
void processActionEvent(ActionEvent) - how do u implement this? Can u see anything wrong this right away?
Thanks Maha Anna, i was going to try it out actually. Will do that in future.
Thanks for the detailed explaination. I understand it clearly now - just make sure that the number you are converting fits into the one which you are converting into. I mean, i got it.
Thanks again,
I am reading Bill Brogden's book today if u haven't guessed already. Here is another question:
I thought when u use File(String path), no file is actually created, right? But he gives a method called
boolean createFile() which creates a file if it doesn't exist.
WOuld appreciate if anybody could clarify this.
Thanks in advance,
Jim, I was referring to this post, where u said narrowing conversions like -1 to short are dangerous? Or did i interpret it wrong?
I saw a statement in R& H saying that MenuBArs can only be added to Frames.
But in Bill Brogdens' book, the following question.
Which of the following AWT components can have a menu, eithere as a menubar or pop-menu attached to it? Check all correct answers.
All are correct because componet class implements MenuContainer interface and all of these classes have Component in their ancestry?
Per Tony Alecia's Hierarchy chart, all menus, menuitems etc inherit from MenuComponent which is extended from Object. Where is this MenuContainer interface coming from?
Thanks in advance,
This is a question from Bill Brogden's book.
long lx=0x0FFFFL;
short sx = (short)lx:
There is a loss of information in this case since the higher order bit in sx is set and because short is a signed integer, this represents -1. I know you have mentioned in a previous mail also, short being -1 is not valid. Can you please explain me why the above is invalid?
Thanks for your replies. Appreciate it.

Following is also a question from the Barry Boone's test.
To determine if u can invoke addContainerListener() for a component referenced using a variable named c, which expression(s) can u evaluate that will give u a true or false answer to this questions? select all valid answers.
a) c== container
b) c.equals(Class.Container)
c) c instanceof Container
d) c instanceof Component
e) c implements Container
No clue.

Following are the two questions from Barry Boone's Mock test.
1) class A {
protected int i;
A(int i) { this.i = i; }
which of the following will be a valid inner class for this class? select all valid answers.
a) class B{}
b) class B extends A{}
c) class B
{ System.out.println("i="+i);
d) class B{class A{}}
e) class A{}
My Answer: a & c. But i saw in a previous post that the answer is b) also. Can a nested class extend the outer class?
This is the first question of the Barry Boone's test (i have a paper copy of this). I would appreciate if anybody could let me know where the answers for this test are. The only clue i have is that the previous link ended with JavaCert2.html.