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Hello Sachin..
You must be careful! I dont remember questions about EJB 2.0 in exam. I recomend that you study only EJB 1.1. Look in WebSphere's infocenter about IBM extensiond, it's very important.
Hello People,
Dennis the material that I read:
* Specifications EJB 1.1 only, JSP 1.1 and Servlets 2.2 (I did read it when I was studying for IBM 483)
* PDFs available in Infocenter about EJB, JSP and Servlets. This are important, they focus in IBM extensions that is required in exam.
* WebSphere Estudio Application Developer and Web Services, WebSphere Estudio Application Developer Programming Guide and Web Services Wizardy with WebSphere Studio Application Developer. I read them for prepare me for WSAD.
* IBM's Rebook about Connection Pooling
* IBM Websphere 4.0 Advanced Edition Handbook.
Dennis are you UML 486 certified, arent you? I plan to take this exam. What do you recommend?
Hello People ,
I passed my websphere exam 158. Thanks for all those you posted information for this exam it's help me.
IBM 155
IBM 158
IBM 512
IBM 513
IBM 483
Hello people.....
Please help me with test. Is test 158 look with ICE TEST (Mock test 158)? Please, Any help is Welcome......