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Recent posts by julita das

Hi friends,
Where can I find a discssion forum for function point certification.
Do we have in this JavaRanch itself ? How to go for this certification ?
Who conducts and where ?

Please suggest !! Thanks in advance.
Hi Megha, I wrote the test and cleared it with 85%. but not yet got vouchers. Can any one let me know how long does it really take to get a voucher after pasing the test ? thanks in advance.

Originally posted by Meghasyam Bokam:
Hi guys,
Does anyone knows whether ibm still has the free vouchers? Because I want to give a try with 141 pre-assesment test.
Thanks a lot,

Can u please give me some good links for 141-XPointer, XML Rendering, XLinks ?
Can u please give me some good URL which covers 1. SAX2 and DOM2 (which is required for 141-exam ) ?
2. XML rendering
3. WSDL and UDDI
thank you.
Tool is used for making the job simpler. Before using a tool u should(must) know what it does.
I mean u should be familliar with UML notations and usage of UML.
Then the tools will be helpful for expedite ur dev. work.
hi Tony Chen,
What meight the answer for the qn ?
So is it best to put them in lib dir ?

Originally posted by Tony Chen:

To be WebSphere specific, you should put all the common/utility jar files into

Application extensions (AEX)
Description: Classes and JAR files in the product_installation_root/lib/app
How to set and view contents: The location is fixed by the WebSphere Application Server runtime and cannot be configured. You can view the directory contents to see the contents of this classpath
Search order: The runtime classloader checks the AEX, then RCP -> RP -> RE.
Typical contents: Class libraries that need to be shared among all J2EE applications installed on the server. Because these classes are not visible to the WebSphere Application Server runtime classloaders (RPC, RP, and RE), this classpath can contain updated versions of common libraries (such as JAXP) that are present in the runtime.
Place dependent JAR files in this directory, too.
Another good example is a newer version of xerces.jar than the one shipped and used by WebSphere!!!
[ February 18, 2003: Message edited by: Tony Chen ]

Yes ! exactly this kind of qns they ask.
But I think 1 st or 2nd will be correct answer.
is there anything like application server classpath in any app servers ?