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Recent posts by qingwu wang

How to match the date like the format of 'March 27, 2007' ?
16 years ago
I hava got it.
16 years ago
Hello everyone!
How to remove '<...>' using regex.
before: <sdss>this is <h1>the 1st</h1> test string</sdss>
after: this is the 1st test string
16 years ago
I want to compute 'text density' and filter useless line.
I have formated it to dom style and perhaps need regexp or others.
I don't confirm it.

'text density':some one line words divid tag count of current line.
if some one line has too many tags, We think it is useless.
�<...>' or <.../> as one tag.
for example, '<html>' count one and <head><title> count two,
'<h1><color></color></h1>' count four.
Thanks a lot for any help.
Hello, everybody!
How to compute the count of html tag in one line?
source code as following
I don't think it is a good way to solve your question. only as a referrence.
String str = someArray.getClass().getName();
System.out.println("This is an array");
16 years ago
Run it at your current directory including your compiled class.
java -classpath . ClassName(replace ClassName using your real class file name)

or paste your "classpath" here.
16 years ago
These are very helpful for me.
Thanks very very much.
16 years ago
If you want to do that, you have much work to do.
You can add a method invoke your get method and translate to String array type.
16 years ago
Hello everybody,the following code snippet come from the ode of lucene2.3.
How to understand the sign "|="? Thanks a lot.
16 years ago
...="apple"; is created in the STACK
...=new String("apple"); is created in the HEAP
16 years ago
Is it Thread-Safe?
if not,How can I make it?

Thanks a lot!

Does anybody tell me why the first is better than the second?
Thanks a lot!!!
[ December 29, 2007: Message edited by: qingwu wang ]
16 years ago
5 hours on the way
9 hours work+lunch
2 hours do and have breakfast and supper
So only 8 hours I can close my eyes.
six and half in the summer
seven in the winter
It is good for your health of early day and night!
17 years ago