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Dude, maybe i was having some options wrong so when i installed the jar file, there was the error..

But i just recompiled,repackaged the .jar, .jad file corectly.. And then when i copied only .jar file, the program was running OK now.. so no problems anymore..
17 years ago

I just posted to the EclipseMe mailing list and apparently its a bug when integrating EclipseMe and Series40 SDK.. What i'm doing now is im just compiling with EclipseMe, and then i'm emulating it and creating a package with Nokia Developer Suite..
17 years ago
OK, so how do i make a

I'm using a Nokia Developer Suite.. and when i create a package, the only things that the program generates are the .jad and .jar files?

I installed the package thru bluetooth(Nokia PC Suite). I only copied the .jar file , the program runs OK in my celfone.. So, it seems i don't need the anymore? or is is already inside the .jar file?
17 years ago
Whats the Manifest.MF file for? I recognized it on all the example apps that came with WTK2.1
Do I need that when im deploying midlets?
17 years ago
I created a simple HelloWorld midlet and created a package for it.. i created a .jad, and a .jar file

I installed it using Nokia PCSuite(Infrared) and transferred it onto a 6230 phone.. i transferred the .jar file only..

Now I am seeing the HelloWorld midlet in the Applications Menu.. But when I tried to run it, the phone says "Application Error".. Whats wrong?
17 years ago

Dude i have another question to you since you are using EclipseMe also.. and noone is answering my post regarding this topic.. hehe

Ahm, im trying out the Series40 SDK(Nokia) with EclipseMe.. I made a simple HelloWorld MIdlet, it supposed to display a "hello world" text.. When I tried to run it thru the Run menu of Eclipse, the 6230 emulator appears, but after a while the emulator will give an error message "Invalid File".. and the midlet doesn't run..

What does this mean?

I tried to run this midlet using a different wireless toolkit(Suns J2ME wireless toolki) and its runs ok..
17 years ago
So i cant do it thru bluetooth huh?

OTA, meaning thru SMS?
17 years ago
tnx dude!!

one last question though..

dude, how do you install a midlet on a 6230 phone? i tried to copy the jar file thru bluetooth... but when i open it from the phone, it says, "file format not supported"..
17 years ago
okei dude.. thanks for the heads up..

so how do i go over it manually? Would u suggest also that i compile my MIDP apps on a different IDE, say for example, Netbeans?
17 years ago
I'm trying out Series40 Platfrom SDK..with EclipseMe...

I'm trying out a HelloWorld Midlet to test if the SDK is working and the emulator..

When I compiled successfully the Midlet and run it in the 6230 emulator,
The Emulator, issued an error message: Invalid File!

What does this mean? I can't see the Helloworld Midlet..
17 years ago
thanks alot for the info guys..

neways i just got a 6230 SDK from Nokia, and it has JSR-82 i think thats just what i need..

to alex: what do you mean EclipseMe does not produce very good MIDP applications?

Do you mean like an MIDP app compiled on a Netbeans will be much better than EclipseMe?
17 years ago
What are the things do i need so that i can develop bluetooth programs on a mobile phone(NOKIA)?

I have downloaded WTK2.1 but it says it does not have JSR-82 support..
But i have the JSR-82 source files, so i was wondering if i could just compile those source files and i can get bluetooth up and running with my program just like that.

Now there is WTK2.2 beta and it has JSR-82 support in it already.. But the problem is i'm using EclipseMe plugin for Eclipse but it doesn't have WTK2.2 support yet..

So can i just compile the java source files of JSR-82 and i can use bluetooth already in my programs? I tried to compile the source files but then when i run the program, with bluetooth functions in it, it caughts an exception: "NoClassDefFoundError"..

Or should I have to use WTK2.2 and change to another IDE?
17 years ago
i have a runtime error when i run a bluetooth midlet on an emulator:

Uncaught exception ...NoClassDefFoundError:
javax/ bluetooth /LocalDevice: Cannot create class in system package .

what does that mean?

I already have the LocalDevice.class inside my classpaths so why doesn't the compiler see it.

the midlet involved JSR-82, i just compiled the JSR-82 source files, and therefore i created the classes.. and then i just pointed to the directory of the classfiles..

Whats wrong?
17 years ago

I have read about the Java COmmunications API and the sun website that you can emulate RS232 Serial Ports using the API..

Can we also interface with a USB Port using Java COMM?
17 years ago

How about trying to use "javabluetooth", bluetooth stack on
Try this out first, if its possible.. im gonna try using javabluetooth.. tell you what happens..

or maybe u can use the Bluetooth API's in Microsoft Platfrom SDK? I think it uses Microsoft drivers instead of drivers that came with the dongle..

But you'll have to program the server using Visual C++.. you have to download the Microsoft Platfrom SDK from Microsoft, its free.. It has a documentation already and sample code.. Haven't tried this yet, but it might work.. and i don't know but i think this only works for WinXP (SP1)..
[ July 02, 2004: Message edited by: Anthony Yulo ]
17 years ago