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Recent posts by Suhayeb Jaabo

I think you could use Java_Home system property or using Operating system platform system registry...
As an example: for Windows operating system you could change JavaSoft Registry Group through the following steps:
1. Start->Run
2. type regedit.exe
3. click on Edit Menu
4. Choose Find
5. search for "JavaSoft"
You will find all java virtual machine prperties...
14 years ago
I working with java long time, and i open the source code of any package i have (jar) file.. is there any way to keep my code secure & safe.. no one else can open it..
please help me with any articles or tools or links..
i am so thankful..
15 years ago
I am looking for an API or code help me to read data through serial port from SMDR for operator, please any article or code or link to help me in this topic..

Thanks alot..
15 years ago
Hi Guys..
I am developing windows application,I tries so hard to disable these keys to solve unexpected user-input.. i am making an application must not closed, i hide all desktop shortcuts, but i didn't hide Start-Menu,
ALT-CONTRL-DEL Dialog Box, i must disable these keys.. to solve this problem
please help me.. may be my way is not the best way achieve my application, please help with ideas or links or anything..
15 years ago
Hi body..

Just an advise, i am not so experience programmer in Servlet or JSP, but i have a good knowledge about them, i have read this book and and bought 5 copies for me and mey interesting friend, take a look at it...

Special Edition
Using Java Server Pages and Servlets
by Mark Wutka

or check

Good Luck
15 years ago
hi there..
Can I make an application deals with message box and address book for certain mobile like Nokia 3410..
Thanx for helping me for any comment
17 years ago
I have made applcation to send a messages from web site.. it is a traditional application but i early learned about Java and J2ME..
the question is: can i make a real test to my application ... give a start point if you can
Thankful for any comment..
17 years ago
downloading of a list of SMS messages from a device, viewing and deleting them, and the ability to enter a phone number and message to send it off
thank you..
17 years ago
hi everybody..
i am a beginner in Java 2 Micro Edition, i need to know if i can access my message box DB in my mobile or any mobile enable Java or WAP (for example my phone Nokia 6310-3410)..
17 years ago