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I'm using JBoss 4.0.3 and the trying to create a web service using axis 1.1

I'm able to setup and use the webservice which has Complextypes. But if I need to use array of complex types then i'm facing issue in converting the object to SOAP. I'm not getting any exception at client or server but the data is not being sent accross.

I've attach the client code, wsdl and the SOAP as seen through tcpmon. Please let me know what is wrong and it would be great if you could point me to a tutorial which would specify about the use of comple types and arrays of complex types.

Thanks in advance. Please reply as early as possible as the solution to this is a high priority.

The following is added to the jaxrpc-mapping.xml

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15 years ago

i have a very large(>10000) number of transactions to execute. hence i want to use batchExecute(). my large number of transactions are a collection of insert,update and delete transactions. I have to follow the order of transaction and hence i cannot use three seperate batches. I have to use preparedStatement for the reason that i can use bind variables and hence it is very efficient. So I would like to know a work around for the above situation.

i wanted to know a way to execute the follwing three sql statements
in a single batch, using a single prepared statement.

insert into emp (EmpNumber,EmpName) values (123,'Mike');
update emp set empName = 'Mikey' where EmpNumber=123;
delete from emp where EmpNumber = 123;

suppose, i have 1000 transactions say inserts, updates, deletes to be executed. I have to execute these in order. that is i can not break the order. I have to perform these tansactions on the database using executeBatch and using PreparedStatement. I am able to execute these transactions using Statement objects but i need to make use of bind variables. Is there some way i can do this. please help.

current code:

But I need to use PreparedStatement instead of Statement.

Thanks in advance.

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hello all,

i am using a dsn to connect to the oracle server from the servlet. the following is the code that i'm using. this code works fine for about 15 connections to the server and on the increase of the number of users the connection further connections are not established.

please help
hi haitham raik
response.sendRedirect("<target URL>");
is working fine for the first time execution by the server.
but on revisit to this servlet it results in IllegalStateException
i'm not using JSP so buffer issue does not come into picture. I have not even used res.flush();
So please help me out.
17 years ago
hi all,

i'm using request.sendRedirect("url"); and i'm getting IllegalStateException.

please tell me why we get this Exception so that i can correct it.

here is the code snippet. please tell me what i should do.
17 years ago

if mean uploading the images from client to server - yes you can send then using post method.
you need to use enctype='multipart/form-data' for the form

here is the sample code at the client

on the server within the doPost() method

for this u need to download cos.jar from Servlet.Com

place the cos.jar in common.lib of the server and import it in the file,

hope this helps.
17 years ago
hello all,

i'm trying to include a servlet in another servlet using


but on the first access of the calling servlet the "Leftnavigate" servlet is not called.

but on referesh of the calling servlet it includes "LeftNavigate"

please give me some suggestions to handle this problem.
17 years ago
thanks a lot balaji,

i tried what you had mentioned and my problem is solved.

thanks again.
17 years ago
thanks balaji,

but the problem comes only in the servlets and not in the static pages.
17 years ago

i'm not able to hyperlink the files with extensions other than .txt or .doc
or .html

if extension is .xls or .zip the file is displaying the files in binary format

the code is
out.println("<a href='/titans/something.xls>something</a>");

it works fine if i give the absolute path.

do i need to chand the content type??

somebody help me please.
17 years ago
i'm trying to access the text in the textarea which is a member of a form
with ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data". this form also has a browse button to upload files.

i'm able to upload the file using this form but the text area gives a null value.

i'm sending the code snippet. please help me out.

17 years ago
hello evy body,
i am facing a problem in knowing my SMTP server name to mail form my jsp
here is the code i got from one of the exmples & please can any one tell me what should i key in instead of "mail.your.smtp.server" and "you@example.com"
thanx in advance

19 years ago
URGENT! java script validation using onBlur
hello evy body,
the following code is to vakidate text boxes immediately as their focus is lost onChange is not the solution i'm looking for. the following code is ending up in a loop. please analyse this help me out.
thanx in advance.
im not able to post you the html code please bear with me.