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Recent posts by Ivan Matmati

The granularity of your security policy could be different of the servlet-mapping.
For example, you can map a servlet on /servlet/* but apply security only on /servlet/secret.The two are not so connected that you state.
If someone is certified, he is certainly valuable to a company.But what for a non-certified? Manager always want to be comfortable with the level of their staff so that they can continue to sleep well :-).So they're looking for the maximum certified quality.
The problem with certification is that it doesn't measure all the skills that someone can have.And moreover it makes a uniform knowledge, since everybody has to know the same thing.
And what for very specialised person? They could do 100% on certain topic of certification but low score on the others.
I've passed two certifications, it's true that i feel better in my work since I have answers to questions that others don't even think about.
I'm faster to code and to avoid problems.
In conclusion, certification is a great experience, a great help in career and to find job.But it's like all the exams that I know, far from the every day job.
In fact, you need both.Books will focus on certain subjects but lacks others.The specification will bring the missing information but in a raw manner.You will have to study both if you want the best score but books are enough to pass an exam to get a great score.
Good luck
Your html file should be called with http://host : port/context/index.html.
Have you tried this?What is your log saying then?
[ April 22, 2004: Message edited by: Ivan Matmati ]
Passed with 82%.
I receveided the kit and result yesterday.
The score is based on 69 questions.I wonder what is the score on 150 questions? Is there a way to know?
I pass the exam but I didn't feel confident before the result.Short time to learn!Failure is just the sign that the conditions of your learning were not the good ones, try to optimize it next time !
Good luck!
From javadoc :

public void run()
If this thread was constructed using a separate Runnable run object, then that Runnable object's run method is called; otherwise, this method does nothing and returns.

Before any question rtfm, it's your base of knowledge.
Good luck.
Dan Mock Exam
It seems difficult to reach it today from my location but try !
Don't forget to take mocks exam of Dan. they are the best ones.
Good luck.
It's about this devil microsoft!
No, seriously, you have to type :
prompt > set localecho
prompt > open xxxx yy.

that's all.
Good luck.
You can do it with a telnet client too and no need of a jvm:
telnet xxx 8080

if you want more information in different HTTP requests, have a look at the RFC for HTTP.
Good luck.
Thanks all!
I have to work on the subject I think.
I'm working on EJB 2.0 with weblogic 8.1.
I wanted to provide both remote and local interfaces for a session bean.
I don't know however if it makes sense!
But the fact is that the deploy tool of weblogic 8.1 complained about the fact that my ejbCreate method has a clause with RemoteException.
I deleted it, and then all seems to work.
But my question is does my bean still callable remotely since I get rid of the RemoteException in its signature?Is there a trick concerning weblogic?
thx all
If you redefine a method you can always make it more accessible but not less!
There, you can make your protected methods public, they'll still work.But if you make it private, your compilation will fail.
Good luck.