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Recent posts by Robert White

I was having this problem in eclipse, but only with one of my jsps. When I compared the non-working file with the others I noticed this line missing from the top of the non-working file:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

After adding that line, the error "Unknown tag (c:if)" went away.
I tried IDEA, but found that JBuilder built our big project much quicker than did IDEA. JBuilder has been doing incremental compiles for years now. And, thanks to IDEA, it now has many good refactoring features as well as code-folding (competition and choice is a good thing for the consumer -- may it someday reach the OS market).

JBuilder has had JDK switching since ver 7 (I think JB 2005 is ver 11). And starting with ver 9, they made JDK switching part of the cheap version.

JBuilder has had a bunch of those little editor macros for years (what does IDEA call them? quick assists?). I know that they would save me time if I used them and created my own, but it's not my habit. I really underuse JBuilder's many features.

The only thing I don't like about JB is its team support. I thought that Eclipse's CVS support was brilliant, seamless. But I have never built a single project with it. After reading this discussion, I'm hesitant to go back and try it again. Surely there's a web page somewhere that explains the best plug-in collection for basic Java development.
I am running Tomcat from jsvc daemon as user "tomcat". When I do this, I cannot run JSPs because Tomcat cannot create java files in the work directories and subsequently cannot compile them (cuz they're not there).

When I run Tomcat using as user "root" I have no problems.

When I run Tomcat using as user "tomcat", I can compile at least some of the java files, but there's another problem with one particular app which uses css stylesheets and the stylesheets don't get made properly.

Of course, the quick solution is to simply invoke as root from my /etc/init.d/tomcat script. But according to instructions
on the Apache site, I'm supposed to be able to run Tomcat as daemon using jsvc.

But something's amiss. I installed Tomcat as user "tomcat" and user "tomcat" owns the entire directory tree (ie. /usr/local/tomcat5/...).

Any ideas?

BTW, the exact error message I am getting is: /usr/local/tomcat5/work/Catalina/localhost/AHEMSS/org/apache/jsp/ahess/
at Method)
at org.apache.jasper.compiler.Compiler.generateJava(
... etc....

16 years ago

Originally posted by Paul Santa Maria:
4. What products (both Open Source and commercial) are the main
"competitors" to Struts?

I would say that WebWork is less verbose (read "easier to maintain") than Struts. But there's not a lot of documentation for it (ie. no books that I know of, except that "Java Open Source Programming" has one chapter on it).
You can find an introduction to WebWork here. And there's a video "webtalk" here that introduces WebWork and compares it to Struts.

Spring has a couple of excellent books including "J2EE without EJB" by Rod Johnson. As Lasse stated, Spring does more than Struts or WebWork.

I am of the opinion that an MVC framework helps to impose discipline upon a web app, which makes it easier to maintain and understand. This is especially important as web apps grow large.

Spring goes beyond the MVC framework and gives even more structure to web apps.

But I am also of the opinion that anything you do to get a web app working is a good thing. If one is comfortable with JSP alone and one by nature is careful and disciplined when developing one's app, then JSP alone is fine.

OTOH, with products like Struts Studio from Exadel, which takes a lot of the pain out of creating a Struts app, there's little reason not to give it a try (especially considering that their old 4.7 version is free).

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[ May 19, 2004: Message edited by: Robert White ]
16 years ago
I am interested in this as well, only I am trying it with JBuilderX. I will respond if I get it to work (first stop, I have been using JB9 Foundation with Tomcat 4.1.
I don't quite yet see the advantage of paying full price for JB in order to get Tomcat "integration". It seems to me JB is only running Tomcat as if it is another Java app. But I haven't yet worked with JBX yet, so I may change my mind.
If we can get Tomcat 5.1 working with JBX, we will buy it (we're currently evaluating it).
16 years ago
Interview questions:
  • Explain MVC in your own words?
  • What is the difference between "application" and "session" scope?
  • What do you think of "web application frameworks"? Have you used any? Can you name any?
  • What's the problem with using the Graphics library in a servlet? [Answer: A video frame buffer is required] What are some reasons for using the Graphics library in a servlet? [Answer: producing a chart or image; printing] What are some ways around the Graphics problem? [JDK 1.3 Answer: use a virtual X frame buffer (

  • ); use an alternative Graphics library; JDK 1.4 Answer: define the following property -Djava.awt.headless=true]
    Does Open Office contain an spreadsheet that reads files in Excel format? Is Open Office open source?
    I ask because I'm using two different Java libraries to read Excel files sent to me by customers:
    Apache POI
    But neither of these libraries can handle some of the Excel files I receive. I have no idea why.
    OpenOffice has complete documentation of the Excel file format, but what I need are Java libraries, so that my program can convert any Excel spreadsheet to CSV.