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Recent posts by kavya krushi

I had mistyped the arg for setContentType method in my doPost metohd. Instead of "text/html", i had "type/html". Once i changed that, things started working great ...

Thanks & Regards,
Thanks for the response Peter ... Here are the contents of my web.xml ... I just typed everything from HFS & JSP ...

I will try with your web.html ...

[ November 27, 2004: Message edited by: kavya krushi ]
Hello folks,

I am seeing a wierd problm when i tried to deploy the servlet. I am able to see the form.html with out any problm ... but when i click the Submit, i am getting a FileDownload box which says that

"You have chosen to download a file from this location

SelectBeer.do from localhost"

and then it gives me an option to either "open the file from the current location" or "save it to the disk". When I have chose the former option it
gave me another dialog with a list of applications that can be used to open the file ... I have selected Internet Explorer and then it brought up a page which displayed the following

Beer Selection Advice <br>
<br>Got Beer Color dark

I am not sure why this is happenning ... I am new to all this web stuff ... I really appreciate it much if some can help me understand thsi problem ...

Thanks and Regards
Hello every one,

I have recently cleared SCJP 1.4 and am thinking of going for SCWCD1.4 ... But the prblm i am currently facing is that my current work is mainly based on core java and so apart from some theoritical knowledge (from reading Suns tutorials on Webservices and J2EE)i do not have any practical experience ... The reason i wanted to go for SCWCD is to not only get the certification but also gain a better understanding of the concepts so that i can do some dummy projects on my own ( and later may be go for a job change :0)) ...

CAn you guys pls help me and get me started ... Also are u guys are aware of any place on the web where we can download just the requirements of sample projects so that i can implement them and learn stuff the right way ...

Appreciate any kind of help from you all...
Thanks and Regards,
Exceptions occur during runtime ... So i dont think the usage of the word "exception" in option E makes it a correct choice. Since option F clearly states that it is a compiler error, i would stick with that ...
In one of his exams, Dan says that

A tightly encapsulated class might have mutator methods that validate data before it is loaded into the internal data model

But i was wondering, is it not true that the accessor methods are normally used to validate the data ? Mutators or setters are used to set the data right?

Thanks for your responses.

Is there a way to look the schedule availability before? Is it Ok if I book on 15th if I want to take the exam on 20th.

BUT roughly how many does it take?

From what i know, you can schedule the exam one week prior the actual date with out any problem ... I live in the US and have some friends in different states who have done so many times ...

Kavya Krushi
[ August 02, 2004: Message edited by: kavya krushi ]

The object created in the makeBar() method is an instance of anonymous "subclass" of Bar. Since you did not override the go() method, it will be inherited from the parent class.

Kavya Krushi
[ July 28, 2004: Message edited by: kavya krushi ]
This is very interesting .... Fletcher, i have tried the code you had posted and found that even though no exceptions are thrown, the run method is not called again ... So i was wondering what exactly happens when the start methos is called the second time ....

Also negative single digit numbers like "-1" also have a length of two but it is not in the required range ...
23 years ago

Thats fine Marilyn ... You are doing a great selfless job ... i dont think anyone will get effected ...
23 years ago
HI all
Even i'm also very much intrested in getting nice programming experience ... Any suggestions ???
[This message has been edited by kavya krushi (edited February 24, 2001).]
23 years ago

Dont you worry Daniel , i just started the assignment who knows i might beat you in no time :->
23 years ago

It is not the answer your question but yet another explanation
If we go your way , Every time you need to use a minimum of two operations( && and !) no matter what the result is is .... BUt if we go the instructors way the no. of operations is just one ...
Well in this case it might take just a micro second ... but the ultimate objective is to introduce new java programmars to effiecient Programming and this is just a way to start it ...
After all if you can not maintain simple optimization for simple programs how can you do the same for huge programs ?
23 years ago