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Recent posts by Arjun Shastry

Hello Alex,
REST based services are now preferred ways of developing web services. In the past , i have seen the discussion on other forums that REST based services  can eliminate the need of middle ware(broker based architecture), mainly asynchronous messaging. What is your opinion on this? REST based services(mainly http) are primarily synchronous. How we can achieve message delivery guarantee, scalability,caching  which are much doable in broker based architecture etc
6 years ago
Consider it for the time being as 'Cancelled" . These rules will be given by other team. How should we include these in Java programs? Rules Engine?
6 years ago
We have input as array of strings. Based on some rule output string needs to be created.
For example- take the statuses of Order.{"Created","Confirmed","Shipped","Out for Delivery","Cancelled"} . Final status will be calculated based on combination of inputs. So there are rules given which defined this. For example (Created + Confirmed -> Confirmed) etc.Output Status is given by another team.
Is there any rule engine to do like this ?

6 years ago
Hi Author,
Nim looks interesting language. With javaScript like syntax, garbage collector it will surely attract front end developers to integrate their components which need performance.(With no intention of starting language war!) there are few new languages like Mozilla's Rust , Clojure, TypeScript etc.
What unique features Nim brings  you think will be main strengths for Nim to grow in future?

6 years ago
How can we access method details(means all statements inside particular method) of a class from another class ?Java reflection gives return types and other details but not inside method.  I am writing a program which will read all java files from particular directory.  All java files contain a method with specific annotation. Caller class needs to know details inside about that method.
7 years ago
Hello Yves,
I am currently reading tutorials of Java Lambdas. Java being a imperative language, does functional programming in java causes any performance penalty ?
Thanks. Yes, we are planning to upgrade to Java 8 but some how may not use Lambda etc immediately.
7 years ago
We have the codebase mainly using Java 1.5. We are planning to migrate to Java 7/8. Some of the features of Java 7, i am planning to use
1)Auto close resources.
2)Catching multiple exceptions in one catch block.
3)Using String Switch where we are using dozens of if else for String comparisons.

These features definitely improve the readability but do they add any value beyond that ? Performance or any other advantage? Or any other feature you can think of adding ?(Java 8 has lambdas but as of now not adding this feature!)
7 years ago
Does anybody know about Pony language( ) . Looks promising similar to  Rust. It uses LLVM as back end.
Surprising thing is on benchmarks tests, many times it runs faster than C or C++ although it has  Garbage collection!
7 years ago
Hello Authors,
How flexible is Netty framework compared to functional languages frameworks ? For example- Erlang has OTP(gen_server) module where you can create your custom protocol and its implementation. I think these languages have built in support for multicores and immutability which i think are selling points for them in writing server apps.
There are multiple web servers(say 10) on the front.(Its Axis web application on JBoss). So if one customer submits 50 requests, they will be load balanced. Keeping a track from web server level might be tough. After web server level , there is one Control server which will receive all these requests. This server will access DB to check currently how many requests are queued and hence how many more can be allowed. So DB read will be proportional to number of requests submitted.

I am writing a web service(JAX-WS). One of the operation(submitData) requires web service to find how many more requests it should allow before it allows the current request. If there are already queued requests, then current request is rejected.

Client API may call submitData multiple times pro grammatically . In that case, first few requests might get accepted and some many not. For every request, we need database read(reading some count from mysql table).

Is there any way(cache etc) to minimize the database reads ?
PasswordCallback class was missing in wsdd file. Hence this was the problem.
8 years ago
I am using Axis 1.4 client to consume Axis 1.4 web service. I am using UsernameToken authentication. I also set the SOAP header property like this:

Calculator calc = locator.getcalculator();

((Stub) calc)._setProperty(Call.CHECK_MUST_UNDERSTAND,Boolean.FALSE);

i still get the exception-
Did not understand "MustUnderstand" header(s):{

Any help appreciated.
8 years ago
Thanks. IMO, more than difficulty, its maintenance, enhancement that can cause a problem. Haskell,Erlang are niche languages but will be used as general purpose or on larger scale if organizations find those to be on par with other languages like C++/Java in terms of all aspects. else their popularity will always remain limited. Scala/Clojure has advantage of JVM so i think their usage in existing projects or new projects will be welcome.