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Hello Doug & Richard -

Congratulations on the book!

I'm wondering how your work rationalizes connecting SageMaker/Jupyter to "business" as opposed to, say, well-known use cases for machine learning.

In the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant analysis for Machine & Learning & Data Science, for example, they didn't evaluate SageMaker because "it was primarily marketed to and used by application developers at the time of evaluation". From my pov, SageMaker is a powerful choice for companies adopting AWS that are already have solid technical staff capable of switching to this platform easily. What I don't get is whether businesses not already invested in this technology see this approach as something they can easily adopt and integrate.

Disclaimer 1: I work for Dataiku, which sells a product called Data Science Studio (DSS). Disclaimer 2: we do not consider SageMaker/Jupyter competitive with DSS. I'm just curious what your sense is of businesses that would embrace this approach to ML.
4 years ago
It's probably some holdover files in the file system. The directory GlassFish wants to install files to probably has some stuff in it. If you delete (and the containing directory too, is not a bad idea), the installation should proceed normally.
11 years ago
I bet if you look in your logs you'll see the file is being accessed if it's in the right place.

Possibly your GlassFish installation does not define the proper MIME type for a .ico file Try adding:


to your default-web.xml file and see if that helps.
11 years ago
Local commands, so-called, presume to operate on file system semantics, so there's no need for GlassFish to negotiate a state-oriented session connection for a local request. Remote requests, on the other hand, are moderated by the server, and so the server has to be active to accept them.

asadmin can work on a remote server, just not out of the box. You must configure the server with a realm the asadmin client can use to authenticate.
11 years ago
The default value for the attribute idle-timeout-in-seconds is 300. The pool may reclaim a any connection that is idle for that duration or longer.

Try adjusting this value to a longer interval and see if that clears the problem you're seeing.
11 years ago
Add a favicon.ico file, containing the image you want shown, to the root context of your application. This should work in any standardized web application container.
11 years ago
The risk you take with kill -9 is that you'll abort the target process without letting it finish. It seems plausible, however unlikely, that the doman.xml file might get updated while making changes through the admin console, and that by aborting the process, something went wrong.

It's completely OK to replace this file and restart the server. An empty file does nothing for you, and there's no documented state in which GlassFish wants domain.xml to be empty.

Prefer kill -15 to kill -9, or at least try it first. This signal gives your process the prerogative to flush files and finish threads gracefully before terminating.
11 years ago
This is a common occurrence on systems that get their IP addresses through DHCP. Reconfigure your GlassFish server to listen to the IP address you've been given and the problem will probably clear up.
11 years ago
This problem is almost certainly a deployment/configuration issue, not a code issue. Even if the log responses don't appear helpful, making them apparent is better than not.

Could you show us how your cluster is configured? The deployment descriptors, if any, would also help.
11 years ago
The wizard can't help you here because the name is at the vendor's discretion. Each DB vendor provides software of a DataSource type that helps you connect to their DB server. If you're using an Oracle product, the driver class may be named oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver, or something similar. For MySQL, something like com.mysql.jdbc.Driver.

Go to Oracle's site and get the notes for installing the driver you need.
11 years ago
Augh, running server software on Windows machines. I don't know how anyone does it. Those who know how, I can't reason why. ;-)

Anyway, could be any number of things, as this isn't a whole lot of information on which to base a hypothesis. First blush, do your internet security settings allow you to connect to any local server site? Last time I looked in Windows, this was not a given.
11 years ago
Closed - duplicate made.
11 years ago
Well, there are a number of core references. As you may be aware, Oracle would like to see these exams take some of their cues from one or more of the courses they list as a prerequisite to taking the exam, whether you take all those courses or not. I don't have that list in front of me but it includes

Architect Enterprise Applications with Java EE
Java Design Patterns

there are other advertised courses that satisfy the exam requirement but are not as valuable, in my view, for exam prep

Java Design Patterns (which I wrote) takes most of its EE-oriented material from Adam Bien's Java EE Patterns and Kent Beck's Implementation Patterns. I'd read Bien's book carefully before plunging into this exam. Hint, hint.

The most helpful document, though, will be the exam objectives map. I don't know when Oracle plans to publish it of if they already have, but you really want to look that over before diving in.

Hope this helps,

I notice the Advanced System Administration exam is also on the list, which I know for a fact is not yet released. I'd guess this list includes beta exams you can sign up for, after which they'll give you available dates to take it, but it's just a guess.
Where did you see it? I went through the list of available exams and couldn't find this one.