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Recent posts by mahesh deshpande

Hello friends
Please help me to understand this
Byte b1 = new Byte("127");
if( b1.toString()== b1.toString())
The above code returns false
Where as
"String".toString() == "String".toString()
returns True
returns True
Another String related question
String S1 = new String( "amit");
String S3 = "arit";
String S2 = S1.replace('m','r');
This returns false
Any help highly appreciated

anonymous inner classes cannot have any extends or implements clause.
The statment is false, they can have extend or implement clause.
hi sunil
Please see the constructor for the RandomAccessfile().
it should have been like this i.e. u have to specify access mode whether it is read only or read and write both
D) RandomAccessFile r = new RandomAccessFile("OutFile" "r");
D) RandomAccessFile r = new RandomAccessFile("OutFile","rw");
Dear Pawan
It is possible for object to access the private data of another object of the same class.

Hello friends
I tried to construct file object specifying path for a file on the local disk as well as using a file on the floppy drive as follows. It gives problem when I construct new File with path of the file on floppy disk.
File f1 = new File( " c:\\jdk1.3\\bin\\test);
it compiles & gives result for all File class methods like exists(), canWrite(), canRead() etc.
but when i do
File f2 = new File ( " A:\\javaranchquestion "); // this file is there on my floppy drive.
it compiles but returns false for exists(), canRead(), canWrite() methods
My question is
Is it that the File object will be created only with "path" pointing to the existing file on the local drive?
You are instantiating the object of class child with new child();
But it does not have the default constructor so the default constructor of super class is called which has print method in the default constructor which is printed.
I hope it is clear.
Answer to ur first Question
Map is not a collection. It does not contain any elements which is the requirment of any collection interface. Map contains key/value pairs.
Dear Vijay,
As per the question the ans. 1 is correct. It's asked, what can you do to be certain that garbage collection will run when you want.So the answer should be, we can't do anything. It's a low priority thread when it will be executed is not certain.
But I am bit confused about first part of your question i.e. you want to clear meomery before start of program ?. As per my understanding GC and release of meomery is during the execution of the program. Am I right or missing something.
The result of the integer.tostring(i) is stored in the same variable str, which is updated every time. So there is nothing for garbage collection.The answer should be none. Correct me if I am wrong.
Hi! Navin that's good idea.I am from Bombay and planning for exam in feb or March.You can mail me at let me know your e-mail ID and Phone number, so that we can talk in detail.
Thanking you for floating this idea.
For all of you preparing for programer certification, I want to know whether there is any move to increase the exam fee in India from Rs. 7000/- at present to Rs. 10,000/ from Jan 25. I came to know this from a Institute who are giving this Voucher. Please confirm this if anybody knows about this. I also think that even Rs. 7000/- is very high from Indian standerd.
Thanking you all
For you all who are putting lot of hard work to get certified.
My question is very simple.
Why there is a special methods( like try, catch, finally etc.) to
detect any exception. How it is handled in other languages like
c or c++ or Fortran.( as I donot know any other computer language)
If Runtime exception are handled by java runtime environment then why not there is such provision to handle other kind of exception. I mean to say why the language has not been designed to take care of all exception so as to ease the programmer
Thank you Peter and Marcus green.