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since Mar 15, 2003
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Recent posts by suhail sarwar

Hi, I need help with the following sql in my java app:

The above sql works great when it finds the 'barcode' field in the DB, but when it doesn't find the field then I want to make a prompt appear on the screen for the user.
How can I do this without using the method?
Any help much appreciated.
yes you are right.I've got it working now thanks for your help.
I have the following sql statement in my program:

This statement works as it will pick out the account numbers from the database. BUT when I input an account number that does not exist in the database it does not give me a SQLException, it just sits there !
Anyone have any ideas as to how I can tell the program that if it does not find the account number it should display a message ??
Any help appreciated,
[ March 15, 2003: Message edited by: suhail sarwar ]
I am trying to add swing components such as textfields and buttons to an Internal frame but problem is that the compiler won't allow me to use the c.add(username) method to add a username textfield, I get a nullpointerexception. c is the Container.
Does anyone know how to add a simple textfield to a internalframe.
22 years ago