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another distinction that maulin touched on is that an interface is implemented and an abstract class is sublassed. For example. If you have a Human interface (to steal the example from above) you would say.
public class DoSomething implements Human{ }
Whereas if Human is an abstract class, it would look like.
public class DoSomething extends Human{ }
You can implement multiple interfaces, but can only subclass one class.
19 years ago
I am having trouble compiling one file in a web app I'm creating in Tomcat.
I have three java files located in C:\tomcat\webapps\ncdb\web-inf\classes\ncdb
all three start with
package ncdb;
I have one file in
this file begins with
package ncdb.forms;
The above files compile fine. I have one more file located in
This file begins with
package ncdb.actions;
import ncdb.Globals;
import ncdb.User;
import ncdb.forms.LogonForm;
import ncdb.LDAPLookup;
import a bunch of other stuff....
When I try to compile this file I get the following compiler errors
package ncdb does not exist
package ncdb.forms does not exist.
The other stuff I import seems to import just fine. Anyone have any ideas?
19 years ago
I posted a message in the OO forum asking if anyone had any pointers on a book or a website that covers OO concepts in a little more detail than Just Java 2, but I haven't had many responses there.
What I am struggling with is how do I take a problem, break it into classes, and from there into methods?
The classic example I have run in to is the bicycle example, where the bicycle has a state and behavior. Where the behavior would be the methods (ie. turn left, break, go faster). I understand the example, but I can't seem to apply that to a problem, such as how do I create a user logon screen that would validate a users id and password.
Might anyone have some ideas or some resources that might help me to clarify how to break a problem down using OO methodologies?
Thanks for the help!
Brian Burke
21 years ago
I am currently going through the Cattle Drive. I'm only on assignment 3, but I would like to start getting a handle on OO concepts. I guess I'm looking for an overview of OO. Does anyone have suggestions for books or websites to take a look at?
After I read how much time the nitpickers were spending per week nitpicking assignments, I was wondering if students could offer help nitpicking assignments?
I don't know how it would work, but as an example, maybe after a student passed assignment 4B, they could help nitpick on assignment 1.
I am still in the early stages of going through the Cattle Drive (assignment 2), but I would love to help out at a point when I know enough to be helpful.
I greatly appreciate all the time the nitpickers have devoted to helping the Cattle Drive students learn Java and coding style! They have helped me a great deal already.
I read in one of the threads that Marylin was spending 40 + hours a week on nitpicking! Even $200 per student is not enough money for that kind of time. I'm hoping that maybe we could help lighten the load.
21 years ago
I'm working towards a job change as well. I graduated college with a degree in Finance and Russian. Last July, I quit my financial analyst position to start making my way into programming. Currently I'm doing some very basic web development(HTML, some JavaScript, some ASP) and project management.
Java Ranch has been very helpful in keeping me on track. Especially since Johannes begun the Assignment Log. I'm fairly good at going off on tangents like seeing something in ASP or C++, then trying to learn some of that, rather than focusing on one language at a time.
So my motivation is similar, I too look forward to my first coding job.
21 years ago
Thanks. I sent 1a to nitpick again. I didn't post a whole new thread because I didn't want to seem like I was complaining. I know the nitpickers are pretty busy. I greatly appreciate your time and nitpicking.
21 years ago
If I sent in 1A (5th attempt) and 1B at the same time (because I finally thought I mastered 1A), does that mean that I wouldn't get nitpicked on my assignment? I sent the assigment Monday morning and haven't heard back, and I'm wondering if it's because I broke the rules. - I hope not. I really appreciate the feedback I've been getting so far.
21 years ago
Thanks for the clarification. It makes a lot more sense now. I was thinking that you were initializing the variable each time through the loop, which made it seem like there would be a performance hit. It sounds like the opposite is true, as far as performance goes.
21 years ago
I got a suggestion or requirement in my last nitpick. I'm a little confused about why I would want to combine the statement below. If I combine the two statements, wouldn't that mean that the variable is being initialized each time through the loop? Thanks for any clarification.
int i = 0;
for ( i = 0; i < 100; i++ )
Why not combine the above two lines?
21 years ago

Assignment: Leap
Attemps: 2
Last Submission: May 9th

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21 years ago
I figured while I wait for my second nitpick on 1a, I'd get started on 1b. I have a couple of questions. For 1b are we to hard code for the name Gertrude, or should this program work for any name typed in. I've been trying to code it so that any name typed in will be printed on the screen without being broken up, but I've been unable to cycle through 100 names. I've only been able to get it to print whole lines.
21 years ago
I don't know if it's too late to get in on some of the action, but I'm interested in helping out with the project.
21 years ago
There are plenty of translation resources out there. If you want free translation go to They don't have all the languages in the world, but it is free machine translation.
I work on website and software localization projects for a translation firm, so let me know more specifically what you are looking for and maybe I can point you in the right direction.
21 years ago
Did you stop and restart the server after you compiled and placed the file in the */WEB-INF/Servlets directory? Also there is a file in the WEB-INF directory called Open that file with notepad and add this code:
I hope this helps. I think you need to declare each servlet in this fashion in the file. I've done that for each of my servlets, as well as stop and restart the server after I compile. Hope this helps.
21 years ago