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Recent posts by Jonas Isberg

Andrew Gaydenko wrote:Sorry, I don't understand your post.

Let me try to be more clear then.

From my understanding your problem is this:
  • You have some code that you want to introduce some change in.
  • Your suggested change wont work, but you believe it should have worked.

  • You donnot say exactly what problem you have with your suggested change. Just saying ItDoesntWorkIsUseless.

    Will it compile with your change? Will it throw a RuntimeException?

    If you TellTheDetails and let us know what you have tried and with what result, you are much more likely to get help.

    Many, if not most of us, think it is much better to gently prod you in the right direction so you solve the problem yourself,
    rather then just hand you the solution.

    If I still do not make myself clear, the links I have provided above will most likely explain my point even better, please try them.
    11 years ago
    Did you try? What did you try? What happened?

    If you ShowSomeEffort more people will take an interest in your problems.
    11 years ago
    Could you TellTheDetails?

    ashwin bala wrote:Encryption is happening... but every time it gives different encrypted value .. i am not sure whether it is right or not ?

    Is there any reason you can think of why it gives different values?
    Why would this be a problem?
    Why would this be the expected behaviour?
    What factors control what result the encryption will give?
    11 years ago
    Hello and welcome Sarvya!

    It would be easier for us to help you if you TellTheDetails.

    Sarvya letbfrndz wrote:I am confused about Card GUI. what are possible ways to make Card object?

    Could you show us what you tried so far?

    Even if this is a friendly place, I suspect that you real soon will be asked to change your last name to something plausible.
    11 years ago
    Please TellTheDetails so we have a better chance to help you.

    Michael Melamu wrote:

    You'll either need to use hidden inputs in the form to carry the data, or store the data in the session for later retrieval.

    And how do i do that if i may ask?

    How about starting with google?
    14 years ago
    Focus on your dream while gaining knowledge and experience.
    Make sure you are not just anyone.
    If you do, I believe your chances are good.

    Anita Odiete wrote:I was wondering where exactly i am supposed to put the 'to string' ... method

    What is wrong with its current location?

    The CodeTags would be much more helpful if you also did some indentation on your code.
    14 years ago
    You will more likely get help if you show us what you got and if you tell us what you have tried and what you think the solution involves. That way it is hopefully easy to know where you are stuck and give you a hint in the right direction.

    I am refreshing my jsp atm and my first very ugly version is as follows. This is not the proper way to do it, but might at least get you thinking.

    14 years ago
    If I had your trouble I would consider using reflection. There is a tutorial that could get you started.
    14 years ago
    You might want to check out JavaBeginnersFaq and JavaBeginnerLinks .
    14 years ago
    Now you both check so everything actually references the same instance
    and you use it (for counting the instances) in way that would have failed
    if it was not static. Well done!

    (Don't forget that indentation helps readability. )
    14 years ago