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Recent posts by sameera k

Hi guys,
has anyone used Transaction- saveToken(request)
I am using it in my code in and its not woking..i dont know why
I have this code in my perform method od Action class
// Line 1 now start transaction for status and delete
// Line 2 resetToken(request); i wasn't using this here before but since Line 6 was returning fasle i intrduced this line
//Line 3
//Line 4
//Line 5
//Line 6
System.out.println("Calling delete"+isTokenValid(request)); -- here it is retuning false
can anyone help me
17 years ago
pl do reply to above query
hi folks
i am restoring a database in SQL thru jsp using JDBC api
it restores database but maybe it goes into a infinite loop .
bcoz it doesnt come out of the jsp page even if i redirect it
or even if i display some text in the same page after the restore commad is being executed
the restore command is given thru executeUpdate
can u plz help me its urgent
thanks guys
bye sameera
yes it is possible to do so
every time the servlet is called u just keep the value name same and u can change the value
it just overwrites the previous value
19 years ago
Well u put the value which u want to be displayed in the 'value' field of the checkbox and when u have to get a parameter in the next page u get it and populate the combo box with it
even if there are multiple checkboxes give the same name to everyone only the value will differ .Then on the next page using getParameter value put those value in an array and then populate the combobox.
I dont think there is any need for any hidden parameters or adding those parameters to sessions
20 years ago