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Recent posts by bryce johnson

I go to CSUH and I should be about a year and a half from finishing my B.S. in CS. My school has some computer science options for the degree: Computer Engineering; Networking and Data Communications; Software Engineering. They're an extra 9 courses, but they set you up nicely for the M.S.
I plan to work professionally and go to school at night to finish get the M.S.
I was wondering if having the option would be worth the extra year of school. Would you get bonus points from the potential employer for having a B.S. with an option?
18 years ago
It seems that if 'b' is cast to Sub, then there should be no problem because Sub extends Base and they are basically the same class. There should be no missmatch. Right?
On Marcus Green's Exam 1, question 17 says:
What will happen if you attempt to compile and run the following code?
class Base {}
class Sub extends Base {}
class Sub2 extends Base {}
public class CEx{
public static void main(String argv[]){Base b=new Base();
Sub s=(Sub) b;
1) Compile and run without error
2) Compile time Exception
3) Runtime Exception
The answer was 3.
The reason:
Without the cast to sub you would get a compile time error. The cast tells the compiler that you really mean to do this and the actual type of b does not get resolved until runtime. Casting down the object hierarchy is a problem, as the compiler cannot be sure what has been implemented in descendent classes. Casting up is not a problem because sub classes will have the features of the base classes. This can feel counter intuitive if you are aware that with primitives casting is allowed for widening operations (ie byte to int).

I thought that as long as the casting made since you could would be able to explicitly cast down. Am I wrong. I am having problems and can't run the code.
Thank you for clearing that up for me.
18 years ago
I am hoping this is not a difficult question.
18 years ago
When you make your class, is it proper to initialize the member variables. It would seem that member initialization should be handled through a contructor. Does it matter? Is it bad code? Is there valid reason to initialize member variables not through the contructor?
18 years ago
Thanks. Your right the knowledge does count as its own reward. I am paing 150$ to show what I know. I was just concerend that if I got a low score, the low score would reflect on the certification.
I think you might want to learn how to "kiss ass". Especially in this job market.
18 years ago
How do you make a pencil out of a toothpick? Who is stupid enough to buy a toothpick pencil for 1$?
18 years ago
I am getting ready to take the programmer exam. I was wondering if the test scores matter as long as you pass. Do the scores print on the certificate or on the cert manager?
Thanks. I must have clicked the link below the programmer link.
I am getting ready to take the Programmer exam and I was wondering if the score you get matters. Does it show up on the certificate, or is it just for bragging rights.
Also, I wanted to know if anyone has any tips for getting into the programming industry without much experience. I am really interested in getting into web development.