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Recent posts by Rajat Juneja

Atlast got the score after 9 weeks of wait. I queried to Sun after 6 weeks and was told that the assignment had not even been sent for grading and that they apologise for the mistake. Took about 2 weeks from there-on for the results to come.
Well, the scores are Class 40/44, Component 40/44, Sequence 12/12
Thanks to JavaRanch for providing the opportunity to be an audience to some thought provoking technical discussions.
Advice to all future aspirants is to believe in your own unique solution and present it in your own unique way. There is no one correct answer.
All the Best !!!
[ May 11, 2004: Message edited by: Rajat Juneja ]
any ideas how the tiers can be represented in component diagrams. Cant find the gif mentioned in here now. is it that important afterall ?
Still not satisfied with what I have put in component diagram. Sometime the it feels like things are getting duplicated in class and component diagrams. Any good resources or examples on component diagrams ?
Thanks Ashok.
Am I right in assuming that if I ask for the permission today, then I can upload say day after tommorrow as well. Is there any time duration within which you have to upload.

Hi All,
In the current procedure we have to email sun to get upload rights. Does anybody know what is their response time and how much time is given for upload before the permissions are withdrawn. Do they reply on Sat/ Sun ?
Any help will be highly appreciated.
Well, the general motivation is that you "should" try to use CMP wherever you can as it saves a lot of time.
"What you end up chosing" would be the result of scenario specific analysis.
[ February 20, 2004: Message edited by: Rajat Juneja ]
I agree with Ajith in principle. But at the same time I would also like to add that CMP generated queries, though supported, through lot of indirections, by people who know SQL well, ultimately has to serve a generic framework. And this is where the inefficiences pour in. If you try to look at what the container does to a possible simple BMP query, by turning on logs, you would know what I mean.
But ofcourse, ultimately the resulting performance requirement and time to be spent coding makes the difference. And it's here that 2.0 CMP is said to overall score well.
Sridhar, I haven't ever tried to understand the 1.1 CMP model and hence wouldn't know the changes in 2.0 specs. Probably, somebody who has followed ejb spec journey from its initiation can comment. Anyone ?
In BMP you have the opportunity to use your own well-tuned queries whereas in CMP you have to do with container generated ones.
That said, the performance advantage was definitely there in 1.1
In 2.0, CMP performance is thought to be good enough for it to be used in preference over BMP because of its obvious other advantages.
Okay Guys, Its sorted. Just needed few minutes of digging in Together's Help docs. Go to Tools -> Options -> Diagram Level.
In the resulting window, go to View Management -> Sequence Diagram and uncheck the box for Show message numbers.
And voila!! they vanish ..
Could you get an answer for this ? I am also struggling with the same issue.
I think lots of people on Java Ranch have used TogetherJ. I can't believe they submitted sequence diagrams with message numbering. It simply makes the diagram too untidy. There must be some way out. ANY IDEAS ANYBODY ?
Thanks in advance.
Hi All,
I need to figure out a way to connect to an external database from WLS 7.0 for authentication/ authorization. The bea docs for 7.0 seem to hint to credential mapping to achieve this. But I can't find any more detail on this.
Could somebody help ?
Thanks & Regards,
15 years ago