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passed with 142 points
Thx all helped me.especially Max Habibi.
18 years ago
I create a class to test multi-threading book.when work in 50 , 100 threads
it's ok. but when I set thread number 1500.some connection requests will be refused.what's the matter with it?
any answer is appreciated!!!
Oh sorry ,I just didn't understand your meaning.
you mean I should create a folder named server in suncertify.then placed stub class in it.
finally ,client.jar should include suncertify\db suncertify\client
suncertify\server.but in server folder there is only one class :stub.class.
is right?
But someone told me if I placed stub class in client.then I needn't add codebase partemter in console.Since client need download it from server.Why we can not place it directly to client package?
the question is:
it doesn't matter what name it is. but where I should place stub files.
before I compress them .all works means codes are all correct.
but at that time .I placed stub class in suncertify.server package.
just type. like folder struct
client.jar includes|-> suncertify\client\*.*
-------------------|-> RemoteDataImpl_stub.class
my english is poor .but does this make sense?
I have almost complete the whole assignment.Now I compress them into two jar files :client.jar and server.jar.
before I do this ,all work without problems.but after compressed.when run in local works fine.When remote mode.error found that client can't find stub class.
I placed stub class into client package so I think I don't need add codebase Parameter in console.such this :
client.jar-|----- suncertify\client\client files
|----- suncertify.server.RemoteDataImpl_stub
is it right??
I think No.but I don't know where should I place it.who can tell me?
any answer is appreciated!!!
Thank you very much!
I used max method design lock and unlock.but I find a question.if I want to shutdown the server, How can I make the client booking safe.for example ,it finished lock.just begin book.I think server should let it finish the whole book should I deal with it?
and another question is :if I put the xxx_stub.class to client.there is no need to provide codebase paremeter in console?
still no answer?I am worried about this .help!
I think this is a simple question for you
hi,there are some discussions about your content,you may look through the forum to get it.very particular
I use MVC pattern to design client.when I search or book flights.I couldn't deal with return data.
at first. I use vectors,AbstractTableModel will get data from it.when new data arrived , Listener method "dataChanged" will dispose the data .and update the vector.after this .invoke method fireTableDataChanged to remind TABLE display new data.table should get new data from vector and display .but my method didn't work.who can help me?my codes below

any answer is appreciated!!
thanks for your answers ,I ve understand how to arrange it.
I use MVC to design my client,but which class should include database connection?at first I think Model class will do,because it implements searchFlight and bookFlight method.but it seems Controller class is more I'm confused.or make a connection class alone?
any answer is appreciated.