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Recent posts by Ron Perich

p hasini wrote:Please tell me where is the jboss.xml located

You create it and put it into the WEB-INF folder of your WAR file
14 years ago

p hasini wrote:
This is the error message I got before

21:35:32,428 WARN [verifier] EJB spec violation:
Bean : Trnco109BL
Method : public abstract void setBLParameter() throws Exception
Section: 7.10.5
Warning: The methods in the remote interface must include java.rmi.RemoteExcepti
on in their throws clause.

21:35:32,447 WARN [verifier] EJB spec violation:
Bean : Trnco112BL
Method : public abstract void setBLParameter() throws Exception
Section: 7.10.5
Warning: The methods in the remote interface must include java.rmi.RemoteExcepti
on in their throws clause.

So it looks like JBoss is telling you what is incorrect with your remote interfaces. They do not include RemoteException in their throws clause.

WebSphere is not nearly as strict when it comes to enforcing these types of standards. I think you'll like JBoss more than WS once you get used to it.

Good Luck
14 years ago

p hasini wrote:do I have to include j2ee.jar in JBoss lib folder

NO. I was referring to the lib folders in your deployed EAR. You generally don't want it included.
14 years ago
To turn up the level of JBoss debugging, go to jboss-4.2.3.GA\server\default\conf and open jboss-log4j.xml

Change the threshold from INFO to DEBUG (around line 67)

Something else you may want to consider is putting jboss directly on your C: drive. Desktop and Settings has spaces, and a lot fo Java appps don't like spaces.

On the other issues:

You may be missing something from the log file that could help us determine what is wrong. Above that Error, did you see anything like:

WARN [verifier] EJB spec violation:

Check out

Sounds similar to the probs you are having.
14 years ago
turn the logging to debug on JBoss. Also, it looks like you didn't post the real reason, just the excepion.

Also, check to see if you included the j2ee.jar file in your lib directory. I have seen that screw up JBoss deployments before.
14 years ago

Originally posted by Anirvan Majumdar:
Hello everyone,
I have a servlet class which receives data entered by the user on the UI front and then it creates an instance of another class file (an XML Parser class). However, when the parser class is instantiated WebSphere throws an error which reads as follows :
[Servlet Error]-[(class: xmlParse/ParseXMLUsingDom, method: readXML signature: ()Ljava/lang/String;) Incompatible object argument for method call]: java.lang.VerifyError: (class: xmlParse/ParseXMLUsingDom, method: readXML signature: ()Ljava/lang/String Incompatible object argument for method call

Any and all help regarding this problem would be very welcome. I am using WSAD v 5.0.0

We had a similar problem with WASD, and ended up taking the jdom.jar files out of our WASD directories. I know there has to be a better way than that, but we didn't know it at the time. Now, when we deploy the thing, we get the same error. I think the problem can be solved by adjusting the build path and the order in which jars are loaded.

If you were to load the real jdom.jar (not WASDs) first, you shouldn't have a problem. Please let me know if this works, cause I'd like to try the same thing!
18 years ago
API for HttpSessionListener will help with some of the problem
19 years ago
I came up with a work-around cause IE won't show the animation during the post. I create a child window when the page loads and immediately close it. Then, when they start to do the long-lived process, I open the same child window again and put the animated gif on it. When it comes back to the page, it automatically closes it.
Does anyone know why when I pre-load an animated .gif in IE, the animation doesn't appear on the page when I ask for it?

My code is

The correct image does show up, but the animation doesn't work. If I open the image from my directory with IE, it does show the animation.

Also, the animation still works in Mozilla.

Any help is appreciated.
A couple of things you might try:

First, I would try to do a sysout on the actual String you think you are getting back from the properties file. Chances are, this will tell you if you're getting a null String or not. Second, you may want to use the File.separator in your file path for the properties file. File.separator will ensure that no matter what type of OS this is running on, you will always get the proper folder separator and don't have to worry about escaping the file separator character.
19 years ago
Once you are in the admin console, choose the server you want to set up the custom property on. From there, check the "Custom Properties" hyperlink.

This will bring you to a screen where you can enter in custom properties for the entire server.

For example, I have a system property call "ENVIRONMENT" that I set to "dev" under WSAD and "prod" on WAS. In my properties files, I will have two endings for the same property that is called based on the value of "ENVIRONMENT". For example,


Hope this helps.
[ August 18, 2004: Message edited by: Ron Perich ]
19 years ago
The problem with this approach is that we need to keep the exact parameters used becuase we are using LookupDispatchActions and using a methodToCall parameter to make sure we call the correct method.

We are going to process the request to save the state in another web screen so the main screen does not change. We'll hide the new window as much as possible and we'll close it upon the request being successfully processed.

Thanks for the input.
19 years ago
Anyone have any thoughts on this?
19 years ago
When you use Multipart forms, you cannot just ask the request to get the parameters for you, you need to parse out the form request and find the different parts.

Fortunately, if you are wanting to give it a try, the Apache commons toolset includes everything you'll need to upload a file.

Check out Apache for the API. I haven't used it yet, but it looks like it will work. I sure wish I had this around when I had the same problem; I wouldn't have spent so much time digging into the weeds of requests!

Good Luck!
19 years ago
This may be somewhat difficult to explain, but I'll give it a shot. Your thought are appreciated.

I have a Struts w/ Tiles application I am developing. I have a sidebar containing menus A, B, and C. I would like for each of these menus to maintain their state when the user changes them (e.g., minimize/maximize) so that the next time the user logs into the system, it will show up exactly the same way. I have all of the code written to maintain the state in the persistence layer and everything works fine.

However, I have no idea on how I can get the user back to the exact page they were viewing when they change the state of a menu. Right now, I have it going back to the application home page, but that's really not user-friendly.

I was hoping you wise folks might have come across a similar situation and could help me address this issue:

How can I get the user back to the exact same page they were looking at when the state of Menu A, B, or C changes?

Thanks in advance for your help!
19 years ago