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Recent posts by Steve Yu

nicholas, it seems you have collected all these certificates. I admire your achievement certainly. Do you mind if I ask you a question --- what kind of position do you work at ? guess you must be a very top senior technical guy ? and guess you must make lot of money , ha ?
Any English articles or links available to us ??
19 years ago
1. What's exactly serializable objects ? What kind of objects can be serializable objects ? It just sounds bit abstarct idea for me, can you help with concrete example so as if I can "see" what's going on.

2. If I create my own data structure, how do I know if it is serializable or not ?

19 years ago
Still rookie type question --- Reading the entity bean chapter it seems each bean instance represents a row from one or several tables(joins). I have an application that will display a table format data to front end. Basically each row of the table is obtained from some business logic but essentially from some table joins, so you can say basically each row in the html table maps to one row in database table. Since my output table is huge (more than 2000 rows), does it mean the server will create more than 2000 entity beans for me ? If that's the case, will it cause memory problem or any other performance issue ? How is this issue taken care of by server ?
rookie questions ---

1. Reading Kathy's Head EJB First", it says we can download a j2ee1.3 to run EJB. But if we have Weblogic or other application server, do we still need that j2ee1.3/1.4 ?

2. May I assume that each application server comes with a certain .jar file that you can include in your classpath so that you can compile your EJB codes. Is my assumption correct ?
My web page has lot of URL links to different sites. Since some sites keep updating their URL, this causes my site to be updated constantly (href=..).
I want to write script to change my HTML but I hate to do that. I know most of companies write redirect script in their home page so my HREF link doesn't need to be changed at all. Now I want to know --- Suppose I want to update my own HTML to update the HREF links, is there any tool to do that ?

Sounds like a silly question, but I still want to confirm ---

class A imports and uses class B, class C is standalone. After successful compilation, I "jar -cvf A_and_C.war A.class C.class" where class B is missing. Then I move A_and_C.war to another servlet container, in that container, do I have to add "B.class" in the server's classpath ?
19 years ago
How to I do the following things ---

1. Let google/yahoo find my HTML page ?

2. Let google/yahoo find my servlet/jsp page ?

Should I add something in my HTML or jsp/servlet code ?

3. what's the criteria google/yahoo uses to list the order of search results ?
19 years ago
Do I have to use JNI to invoke Korn shell or perl script from java ?
is there any easy way to do that ?
19 years ago
How to use jave to do remote ftp, download, upload stuff ? Korn shell script is very good at doing that ? How to do it in java ?

19 years ago
We are a publication firm. We have an application that downloads some text or other files from a machine and our job is to run some script on these files, make some edition, then publish the modified files to other machines.
The whole process is done by unix script. I am wondering if this can be done by J2EE web service and how ? Here are my specific questions ---

1. Without knowing much about web service (since I am not even a rookie yet), I assume (maybe I am wrong) web service is something to be used for public purpose. However, in our case we restrict the script to be handled very internally inside firewall. So, does web serive help us in this case ?

2. Is there any advantage to change the backend Unix script to J2EE web service ?

3. If you could outline a rough approach sketch, that will be greatly helpful ! (I mean, just a few sentences is enough)

19 years ago
My condolences... May God give you peace in the heaven, Philippe.
19 years ago
I made many online orders using my credit card. I am wondering if those card number data are stored on my PC and I want to erase them. How to do it ? I use windows NT.
what I have done is -- before I enter the card number, I click "Tools"/"Internet options", then click "content", then click "Auto Complete", from there I mark "forms" and apply. But is this safe enough ? Do I need to and how to remove cookies ?
20 years ago

Originally posted by Wayne L Johnson:
If you use a Type 4 driver (such as Oracle's THIN driver or Sybase's jconn2) then you can talk to any database regardless of what platform you are running on and what platform the database is on.
Likewise, if you are using the JDBC-ODBC bridge, then as long as you have an ODBC connection defined you can acess the database, regardless of what platform it is on.
In other words, there is only one version of these drivers--they are platform independent.

Thanks. If I access the databse from the same Solaris box, then
certainly I should install the JDBC driver on the Solaris box;
Now, since I access it from windows OS, should I install the driver
on windows or Solaris ?
If my java code runs on windows 2000, from there it needs to
access a Oracle or Sybase database on a Solaris Unix box,
then in the JDBC part of my java code, should I
use a Oracle or Sybase's driver for windows 2000 or for
Solaris ?