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Recent posts by Steve Hamilton

I received my score report in the mail with a 78%. The passing grade for the certification is 68%.
I sent out my request for a new voucher about two hours ago and I have already received it. That was pretty fast.
I talked to someone at Prometric regarding the new vouchers not working. They said that their scheduler has not been updated with the new expiration date and that I should wait for about two days before I reschedule my exam. Then, everything should be fine. Hopefully....
I received my new voucher and tried to use it, but it also showed an expiration date of February 25th when I tried to reschedule.
Hello Evelyn,
I am glad that you extended the exam, because I will not be able to be ready by this Wednesday to take the Certification. There is one problem, the Prometirc number that I called said that I will not be able to use my current voucher for any later than the original date. What do I do? I already canceled my Wednesday exam. The only way that I will be able to take the exam is at the later date. What do I do to get a new voucher with the extended date?
I have heard that there are only questions from the the core tags. I can understand why there are know questions on the sql and xml tags, but it is hard to beleive that there really now questions on the formatting tags? is this really the case?
Also, are there any questions on the functions defined in the JSTL specs like: fn:contains, fn:toLowerCase, ... I already know how to use JSTL 1.1 but I haven't read anything yet on JSTL standard Functions.
I will be taking the test on saturday and I am trying to study topics that are needed for the exam. I have reread the Specs for Servlets and JSPs and I am about to get started on the JSTL specs. I plan to read upto the end of the core API and possibly the format api anless someone confirms that it is not on the exam. I will also need to read the chapter on the functions if that is required. If these are not required for the exam I would prefer studying the Descriptor files if you know what I mean.
Kathy or Evelyn,
I set up an exam date and received my response from Prometric, but I have a question. Why does the name show the following:
Exam Number: 311110
Is that suppost to be "J2ME something" or are they really referencing this exam somehow with J2EE.
I received my voucher and it says that we have until the 8th to take the exam, so I signed up to take it on the 7th. Where are some of the posts talking about the exam ending on the 5th or 6th? Also, how many test are there left to take?
Thank you
Here is the response that I got from my email regarding this logo issue:
We have released a new Java logo for all of our Java Certification tracks. We do understand that our customers would like to have individual logos for each of their certifications. Currently, we only offer one but we are creating additional logos which we hope to release by February of 2004.
Has anyone tried to request the logo for the Business Component Developer Certification after receiving their kit. I sent the request and received access to download the logo, but the logo doesn't look or refer anyway wich so ever to the SCBCD. It just says "Certified Professional: Java Technology". It's not anything like the Web Component Developer or the Programmer logos that I already have; those logos actually say "Java: Sun Certified Web Component Developer" and "Java: Sun Certified Programmer" respectively. You would think that this logo actually look like the other logos and say "Java: Sun Certified Business Component Devleoper". I did call Sun's Educational group and they told me to send an email to If any of you are having the same problem, you should do the same.
I received my kit yesterday.