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lenin laker

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Recent posts by lenin laker

Hi experts,

I want to develop a Jtree which is having checkbox to every node and label. When user selects a child node then the parent nodes checkbox should also be selected partially.

This tree should look like the tree we see many times in windows based applications.

I wonder how can I do this?.. Please help me in this..

Thanks and Regards,
16 years ago
Hi Folks,

I would like to know job market in Australia for my skills I have 6 years of experience and at present I am working in HP, Korea.

Graduated in computer science engg.
Primary : Linux, C, C++
Secondary : Java, J2EE, Swings.
Others: Perl, PHP, Python.

and now I want to go Australia and work there. Please let me know the market situation for these skills. I will be happy if anyone knows any companies emails.

Thanks folks..

With Love,
16 years ago

I think HP is better as brand wise and work wise. I am working here from past 3.4 years and I never felt boaring with my job.

Its a product based company. I am working for R & D part. but, I also think services part of HP is also good.

Polaries I never had good idea..and at last its totally services company..

I vote for HP stongly..

WISH U GOOD LUCK..welcome to HP.

16 years ago
Hi all,

I am developing a swing application. I have already provided context based JavaHelp for the application and that is generated with RoboHelp. Can anybody help me in achieving the same for the winHELP(HTML HELP).

Thanks a lot in advance.

With Regards,
16 years ago
Hi joe,
The article was very nice reading it express all the things happenning.
But a small suggestion.

A project can be worked by many level/expertise people. No need to be all experts are working on the project. By combining 3(experts):1(non-expert) can also project may be done or what ever ratio. In some cases 3 (experts )may be busy or 1 (non-expert) may be new to team in that case they may ask questions. you don't have any right to point their questions in your article. Do some article one your own thinking..don't show up other opinions.

So, What I want to say finally is you made good article but its not good to show ur personal feeling on wipro/XYZ. Just talk globally and be an open mind to understand the problems.
A company may have many people in that all may not be experts..all people share their views...that becomes all are experts.
17 years ago
This is just a sample I am giving.
Open connection.
Read data from ResultSet to some Strings, Integers as of ur request.
Fire insert statement for each row want u read
While (Reading Table A resultSet)
//Talkeing the result row into java variables.
String ..
con.execute (Fire insert for each row into table B)
is it clear?
I am developing a huge database reading / writing system.
I want to use some Connection pooling mechanism. I have my old connection pooling but I feel it is not as good performance when it comes for queueing the requests.
Can anybody suggest me free good pooling components from where can I get.
thaking you from saloon..^^

You have to get two type of drives to connect to two different databases.
for Oracle I think you will get default driver installed in your system when u install any oracle client. i.e classes11*.zip.
for MS-SQL U need to download the drivers commercial or free ones.
November is in all calenders even in my wallet.
17 years ago
Hi vishnu,
Yes you can do this..
if you have php enabled in your server.
write a php script for downloading the file. Like.
header("Content-disposition: filename=".basename($file));
header("Content-type: application/octetstream");
header("Pragma: no-cache");
header("Expires: 0");


and $file is the file path for ur file.
I think this will work for you..
with regards,